Kyle Quotes

Kyle is an extremely funny guy.  Here are some of his standout quotes along the trail.  Most of them are probably not that funny to an average person, but at the time, I was in stitches laughing.  Haha.  Perhaps its one of those you-gotta-be-there moments? :)  I'll try to paint the picture as best as I can.

"I'm in pillow city right now, population: me"
-This was when we were at a Best Western hotel somewhere, and their pillows are AMAZING.  Seriously.  I think Kyle fell face first into it and wouldn't get up.

"My larval sack has better traction."
-Larval Sack is the name of his sleeping bag.  We were commenting on how, when we are camped on a slight incline, I would slide and he wouldn't.

"You're like the America of bed-layers.  You consume copious amounts of resources even though you're small."

"I'm curious whats over that hill, but I don't wanna walk up that hill either."
-This was the day leaving South Lake Tahoe  we walked maybe about a half mile and it was getting really late.  We were scoping around for a campspot (mind you, we were still right next to the highway).  I thought this was funny, because the "hill" Kyle as talking about was maybe 10 feet tall...

"I've never completely rehydrated with soda before."
-We were at a Pizza Factory in Quincy, CA, and Kyle drank about the equivalent of a gallon of coke from the soda fountain machine.

"Flatulence is always humorous."
-This was a reply to my comment on how I'm glad he finds my farts as funny as I do.

"I suffer from lazyf*ckitis.  Its a debilitating sickness.  I'm a victim."

"Somehow our strains of crazy are cross compatible."

"When you grow up with two brothers you gotta be sneaky about your farts.  You gotta hit em when they're not expecting it."
-Kyle has a twin brother and another brother 3 years older than him.  I know, poor mom, right? Lol :).  He says hes very good at drywall repair

"Funny how you suffer the consequences of my poor planning."
-This was the morning after it rained.  Kyle was already in his sleeping bag, so I was trying to situate all our gear so stuff wouldn't get wet.  I put his shoes under his pack, right outside the tent, so they were dry in the morning.  I forgot to do the same to mine, so they were sopping wet in the morning.

(In an imitation "redneck" accent) When your wardrobe consists mostly of shit you found on the ground, you might be a thru-hiker...
-In the span of 2 days, Kyle found a pair of camouflage pants,  a beanie, and sunglasses.  His shoes that he has worn since Cascade Locks, OR was also found in a hiker box.

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  1. TOO FUNNY, I need more of these!!!!