Friday, March 23, 2012

Epic Bike and Camping Trip

Last Friday/Saturday I did an awesome biking and camping trip from Yokohama Bay around Ka'ena Point, up to Peacock Flats, camped out up there at an epic overlook, came down the Kealia Trail, and went back around Kaena Point.  About 30 miles total.  What an epically awesome trip! 

It was initially scary for me because the gears on the bike I used were funky.  I crashed kinda bad from a dysfunctional shift, coming around Kaena point and banged up my ankle which intensely sucked, as it already didn't feel good.  That really did not help with the confidence level. :(  But I taped it and life got better.   And I figured out how not to get the gears stuck, which also made life better.

One of the reasons I was so stoked about this trip was because it passes by my favorite parts of the island: upper Waianae coast and the north shore.  Chee huu to the north shore: the motherland!!  Here is Jason, my ninja partner in crime.  He is a much better rider than I am, so poor Jas had to deal with my kooky gooberness the whole way up and down.  Lol.  Thanks for your patience Jas, you rock. :)
Jason, fixing flat #2
Going up Peacock Flats was uber gnar gnar.  In fact, I walked almost all the way up.  Jas rode most of the way up.  Hes nuts. We found an epic spot to camp.  There was even a rainbow!  Vertical rainbows are extra special.
North Shore, the most beautiful side of Oahu
sweet camping spot, no?

The weather was quite cooperative.  It only sprinkled a little bit on and off, and the night was quite mellow, weather wise.  I miss living on the north shore.  The night sky is so incredible up there.  All the stars and constellations.  Wish I had an iPad with that astronomy app on it that tells you what all the constellations are.  Lol.
yay for fire!
The weather the next day was absolutely incredible.  Yay for dry trails!!  There were a lot of people up there, jogging and hiking.  Yay for active people!
packing up in the morning
The ride from the campsite to the Kealia Trail was really cool.  At one point you could see both coasts.  At the top of the Kealia Trail, there were a bunch of people hanging out.  I was wondering why everyone was green.  I completely forgot it was St.Patty's Day!  Haha, I'm stoked I had a good reason *not* to get hammered.
going down the Kealia Trail

getting some water at dillingham airfield, before going back around Ka'ena Point
my stuffz!
Somehow I managed to lose my sunglasses before I even started this ride.  DOH!  Gear opinions: Thermarest Ridgerest pad is epic!!  My Golite Jam pack is too big. :(  I have since ordered  the ULA circuit pack, I hope it works out, as I am running out of time.

Coming around Ka'ena point, the whales were going nuts out there.  It was incredibly distracting to focus on not riding off the cliff and trying to watch the whales at the same time.  Whee!  Damn I really wish I took more pictures.  So stoked to be living in the most beautiful place in the world! :)

Biking Around The Island

Running doesn't feel so good on the ankle, and after heavy rains the ocean was kinda yucky, so the only cardio I could really do was bicycle.  The plan was to ride the bike from Kailua up the windward side and just keep going until I got tired, and bus back or get a ride back.  I clipped my Goal Zero solar panel to my camelbak to test it out, and I figured it was a good day to sport my Dirty Girl gaiters.
dirty girl gaiters, making a fashion statement!
One of the gems of Kaneohe Bay.  Taken from the road by Kualoa Park.  Its pretty fun to go to the top of that, btw.
Mokoli'i, more commonly known as Chinaman's Hat
Kahana Bay is a very popular camping spot.  On the weekends its pretty nuts with tents and people.  When there is an absolutely humungous N or NE swell, you can get a mellow chest high wave inside this bay.
Kahana Bay

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Testing Out My Rain Gear

Even when the weather is absolutely crap, and its on/off pouring rain, Hawaii is the most beautiful place in the world. :) 
Kailua Beach Park
Since it was varying between a complete downpour and light drizzle, I went for a bike ride, to test out my rain gear.   I managed to get some shots in between getting dumped on.
Marshland outside Kailua town
Mokulua Islands off Lanikai

Mountain Hardware Typhoon jacket, GoLite Tumalo Storm Pant
I rode around Kailua and Lanikai.  I was dry, my shoes were soaked though.  Lol. My legs were wet but I didn't have a base layer under the pants so it was probably just sweat.  Had to go through some mean puddles in Lanikai!  Its not so flooded that cars can't drive through, yet.  But getting close!

Wow.  As I am typing this,  its thunder and lightning are cracking outside.  It is strangely beautiful and peaceful.

    “Water is life's mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water."
 Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Monday, March 05, 2012

My Cooking Pot for the trip

My MSR Titan kettle! This is what I'll be using to make all my food in.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Do or do not, there is no "try". ~Yoda

Today I came across an amazing website.  It is an online magazine devoted to anything and everything outdoor related.  One can end up accidentally spending a LOT of time on that site.  Hee hee.  You have been warned.

Sometimes, when I start freaking out over something I am about to do (such as this hike), I like to read about people who do absolutely amazing things.  Such as this blind surfer from Brazil who surfs pipe.  I mean, I love reading about incredible people anyways, but especially in my current circumstance, it makes what I'm about to do seem a lot less imposing.  Honestly, it really isn't as big of a task as a lot of people around me are making it seem.  It is ultimately the same thing that we all do on an everyday basis: walk.  Putting one foot in front of another.  The only difference is, I'm just going a bit farther.  At least that is what I like to tell myself. Lol.

So, reading that adventure website reminded me of one of the very first reasons why I wanted to do this hike.  A while ago, I told myself, I can keep reading about epic adventures, or I can create my own.  I mean, what was I waiting for?  As fun as it is reading about other people's adventures, ultimately what it did was just fuel a burning desire in me to embark on my own.  Despite the fact that I live in the most beautiful place in the world, there is just so much more on this planet that I need to experience and roam around in.  So here I am, leaving in 6 weeks.  I am SO UNPREPARED on so many levels.  But hey, better to make mistakes than excuses, right? :)

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Bye Bye Clan!!

On Tuesday I sent my clan off to their foster home in Seattle where they will live for 5 months while I'm gone. Sigh.... I miss my clan! :*(

Why is my clan going to a foster home, you ask? Because they don't want to be stuffed in a cardboard box for 5 months! That's cruel :( So instead they will live with CJ Berry in Washington.

Have fun guys!! Be good! And don't drink all the booze!!

Here's a picture of them with their new polar bear and turtle friend!
L-R: (top row)Whale, Ziz, Mr.Swampy; (middle row) SP, BB, Firedog, Honu; (bottom row) Radar (on SP's lap), Harley, Mo'o (on top of Monti), Monti, Aly