Friday, March 23, 2012

Biking Around The Island

Running doesn't feel so good on the ankle, and after heavy rains the ocean was kinda yucky, so the only cardio I could really do was bicycle.  The plan was to ride the bike from Kailua up the windward side and just keep going until I got tired, and bus back or get a ride back.  I clipped my Goal Zero solar panel to my camelbak to test it out, and I figured it was a good day to sport my Dirty Girl gaiters.
dirty girl gaiters, making a fashion statement!
One of the gems of Kaneohe Bay.  Taken from the road by Kualoa Park.  Its pretty fun to go to the top of that, btw.
Mokoli'i, more commonly known as Chinaman's Hat
Kahana Bay is a very popular camping spot.  On the weekends its pretty nuts with tents and people.  When there is an absolutely humungous N or NE swell, you can get a mellow chest high wave inside this bay.
Kahana Bay

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