Sunday, March 04, 2012

Do or do not, there is no "try". ~Yoda

Today I came across an amazing website.  It is an online magazine devoted to anything and everything outdoor related.  One can end up accidentally spending a LOT of time on that site.  Hee hee.  You have been warned.

Sometimes, when I start freaking out over something I am about to do (such as this hike), I like to read about people who do absolutely amazing things.  Such as this blind surfer from Brazil who surfs pipe.  I mean, I love reading about incredible people anyways, but especially in my current circumstance, it makes what I'm about to do seem a lot less imposing.  Honestly, it really isn't as big of a task as a lot of people around me are making it seem.  It is ultimately the same thing that we all do on an everyday basis: walk.  Putting one foot in front of another.  The only difference is, I'm just going a bit farther.  At least that is what I like to tell myself. Lol.

So, reading that adventure website reminded me of one of the very first reasons why I wanted to do this hike.  A while ago, I told myself, I can keep reading about epic adventures, or I can create my own.  I mean, what was I waiting for?  As fun as it is reading about other people's adventures, ultimately what it did was just fuel a burning desire in me to embark on my own.  Despite the fact that I live in the most beautiful place in the world, there is just so much more on this planet that I need to experience and roam around in.  So here I am, leaving in 6 weeks.  I am SO UNPREPARED on so many levels.  But hey, better to make mistakes than excuses, right? :)


  1. Hey, I am soo jealous of this trip. Something I have always wanted to do. Hope all goes well for you. Are you taking a SPOT beacon or anything with you? I have a spot connect lets you update fb and twitter and always send out txts while your out of cell phone reception and also gives your GPS location. Something to look at. Another great website I found for finding betas or getting info on trails is If you find your self in AK be sure to send me a txt or call me. i still have the same 808 number. Also if you are interested next year in April or May I plan on doing a week or two long trip to climb mount. hunter in the alaska range. Its a full on mountaineering project for me, rope teams, ski approach, vertical ice/snow, mixed climbing etc. I'll keep you in the loop. Here is a quote to remember on your trip. "Going up to optional, coming down is required" ~ Ed Veisturs.

    1. as of right now, i'm not taking a spot with me. i probably should, but eh, it doesn't look like its gonna happen. yeah, i *love*, i used it to get some info for climbing when i was in texas. haha, stoked you're still rockin the 808 number in TX! you know, i would LOVE to do a mountaineering project with you and your crew. i have ZERO experience in snow tho. i might have a bit more, after the trip. i'm hoping to spend some time in BC/vancouver island, if i finish the trail early. lol, thanks for the quote dude!! miss ya