Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Testing Out My Rain Gear

Even when the weather is absolutely crap, and its on/off pouring rain, Hawaii is the most beautiful place in the world. :) 
Kailua Beach Park
Since it was varying between a complete downpour and light drizzle, I went for a bike ride, to test out my rain gear.   I managed to get some shots in between getting dumped on.
Marshland outside Kailua town
Mokulua Islands off Lanikai

Mountain Hardware Typhoon jacket, GoLite Tumalo Storm Pant
I rode around Kailua and Lanikai.  I was dry, my shoes were soaked though.  Lol. My legs were wet but I didn't have a base layer under the pants so it was probably just sweat.  Had to go through some mean puddles in Lanikai!  Its not so flooded that cars can't drive through, yet.  But getting close!

Wow.  As I am typing this,  its thunder and lightning are cracking outside.  It is strangely beautiful and peaceful.

    “Water is life's mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water."
 Albert Szent-Gyorgyi


  1. those pics look so nice. Althogh i have only been to the island once, Hawaii is def one of the most amazing places i have visited. i wish you well on your voyage. remember maditation/chi work wonders in hard times...