Thursday, March 01, 2012

Bye Bye Clan!!

On Tuesday I sent my clan off to their foster home in Seattle where they will live for 5 months while I'm gone. Sigh.... I miss my clan! :*(

Why is my clan going to a foster home, you ask? Because they don't want to be stuffed in a cardboard box for 5 months! That's cruel :( So instead they will live with CJ Berry in Washington.

Have fun guys!! Be good! And don't drink all the booze!!

Here's a picture of them with their new polar bear and turtle friend!
L-R: (top row)Whale, Ziz, Mr.Swampy; (middle row) SP, BB, Firedog, Honu; (bottom row) Radar (on SP's lap), Harley, Mo'o (on top of Monti), Monti, Aly


  1. Clan is Happy and doing well! (they haven't found the booze....yet)

  2. Prep Wompus, Horse & Kimo, they get to travel next :D