Send me love!

If you would like to send me stuff, you can mail it to CJ, my personal Trail Angel and my resupply person.  She will put it in my resupply boxes.  You can mail stuff to:

Keala Fung
c/o CJ Berry
31207 E Lake Morton Dr SE
Kent, WA 98042

Keep in mind, whatever you send me will need to go to her, then to me.  She will mail all my boxes probably at least a week in advance of my anticipated arrival at my resupply points, so it will be about 3 weeks, from the time you mail something, til the time I get it. 

If you prefer to send me something directly (just FYI, it is kind of a precise and annoying process you gotta go through to mail me stuff, to make sure i get it), please email me and I will let u know where and how to send it.  I will have access to my email pretty often throughout my hike.

Don't forget, whatever you send me I will have to take with me.  So things like pet rocks, bricks, and lead would not be a good idea. :) 

What to send for care packages:
-letters and notes and pictures are always appreciated.  especially from my hawaii people, when i'm going through the sierras and freezing my ass off. lol. I would love to hear how you're doing! :)
-cool magazines
-any food and consumables are great too
-homemade cookies! chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and chocolate mac nut
-cookies! those mint Milano ones are awesome, i like soft/chewy cookies, OREOS, thin mints, etc
-especially for people in Hawaii, stuff I can't find on the trail such as, Kona Coffee!!!
-mac nuts, chocolate covered mac nuts, crackseed, li hing mui, li hing covered anything
-those asian dried mango things
-dark chocolate anything
-chocolate anything
-chocolate covered expresso beans
-energy bars (odwalla/clif/luna/honey stinger/etc)
-the Honey Stinger protein bars, OMG they are amazeballs
-candy!  gummy bears/worms/sour belts/sour gummy anything/gummy sharks, m&ms
-candy bars! mint anything, twix, dark chocolate milky way, kit kat, crunch, i'm not a huge fan of peanut/peanut butter/peanut butter flavored things, although i like peanut m&ms
-those Mountain House/Backpackers meal things, those are epic, as are freeze-dried anything (ice cream!)
-pretty much anything, really.  theres nothing you could send that i wouldn't appreciate. :) 


  1. This is TJ from Oahu Jeepers
    First "You go girl!!" It's not often that you get a chance to do something like this. Enjoy, but be safe at all times. The west coast gets a little stormy, esp up in the Northwest. Don't push yourself too hard as it will take the fun out of the journey. Good luck

    1. thanks TJ! when i get back i can finally focus some love on my poor jeep. lol.

  2. Hi Keala, I'm Harry, a retired construction worker.
    I live in California, not far from the PCT. I was driving home one day and a passager pointed out the window, he pointed to a trail traversing a hillside. For years I had looked at that trail, while driving home from work, and wanted to hike it some day. My passanger then told me "that trail goes from Mexico, to Canada, it's the Pacific Crest Trail". Mexico to Canada? Ha? That night I started exploring the PCT on the inernet. I was blown away...
    Well I retired, and it was not long after that I hiked that part of the trail.......... after getting in shape by walking around the block countless times.
    I found trail journals and read them, and hiked other parts of the PCT, like to the top of Baden-Powell, with it's 40 switchbacks, and other parts in Yosemite. Anyway, as much as I was fascinated with the trail, I was fascinated with the through hikers. So, since I don't have enough gumption to take on such a monumental task, I would like to follow you, on your journey. I look forward to reading about your first step, and all along the way. I hope your adventure is everything you imagine. I wish you all the best.

  3. Keala,
    I recently moved back to California from living on the island's North Shore for the last 8 years. I have to say it was hard to move back from the place I call home, but I have gotten into experiencing the beauty that can be had here. I am in awe of you and will follow you on your journey. I just read "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed and her journey on the PCT. It is the first I have been introduced to the trail and I was so excited to read about her adventure, I read the book in a day! I will need to have a heart transplant one day, so the PCT in it's entirety may never be do able for me, so I will follow your trip. Thank you for allowing us to live the adventure through you. Aloha Oe Pilialoha. Aloha Nui Loa

  4. Hey I started reading this and I love it. I will fallow for sure. I can not walk more than a few feet without being in excruciating pain. I would love to be able to do this. I feel like an outdoor adventurer trapped in a not so outdoors body. LOL :) keep us updated and good luck. It sounds like your inner strength is as strong as your outer... doing it alone (mostly) AWESOME!!! total props to you. :)

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  6. Will send you love (in food form) soon! Sending you love now! You are an epic ninja and we love you!

  7. Enjoy reading your site. Keep up the fun/good time. Big hug. Matt's Grandma.

  8. Keala,

    Hi! My name is Maxx I'm one of the Scout Parents you met in the cabin at Camp Glenwood Sat. night. (the chatty blonde guy) It was really fantastic to meet you and the thought of you doing the PCT is so utterly awesome!! I found your blog and look forward to reading about your adventure. I'll try to send you a treat thru your friend. Good Luck to you and your stuffed "Trail Buddy"
    Maxx - BSA Troop 139 Sherman Oaks, CA.

  9. TJ here, Been following your trip and it sounds like great fun. Life has been busy for me, moved from paradise to the Northwest. I checked around the Everett Washington area and they say the trail doesn't come close to Everett, but I'll check some more maybe we'll meet before you get to Canada. Your friend is in Kent?? So is my daughter. I'll see if she would like to meet you. Her boy friend is a cop for a town near Kent. Lot's of aloha and best of luck.

  10. TJ again new neighbor says he knows about the trail (duh on me). When you get into Washington, the trail tends to go more inland and up the east side of the cascade mountains. It's been hot on that side this year. And we're getting into the cool (Flat cold for a wahine) time of the year. Get your camera ready for the fall colors. Best of luck and watch out for Big Foot. Aloha

  11. Aloha Keala,
    I just sent off a care package. I stumbled across your blog looking for somebody else. Li hing mui and ono stuffs up the wazoo! Enjoy, stay safe, and holo holo on sistah!
    denise anela

  12. On 8/29 you wrote about a great stop that had a WELL. Did you drink from that well? If so that's likely the case of the runs. Use those tablets that clean the water, that's why you took them.

  13. Aloha Dancing Feet! My name is Stacy and I live here in Julian, California. It is kismet that we are meeting! You see, your postcard to the Blue Door Winery arrived in my PO BOX by mistake. But I think the Universe is telling me something! I've been wanting to hike the PCT for years, and you give me so much inspiration! Perhaps next year I will do it for my 40th bday. I love your blog and wish you all the best in your life. You are so amazing and positive. I was wondering if you are available for random questions or advice? Thank you for your awesome story! Hope to keep in touch! Stacy Hodo PO BOX 2292, Julian, CA, 92036,, Oh, I made sure your postcard was delivered to the rightful people! :)