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Tuesday 10/23/12
Mile 2,668.8 DONE!!!! :D
Elevation 3,900'

The good thing is, it was a lot warmer here than our camping spot the night before, so that was nice.  It didn't snow very much, so the trail wasn't buried or anything.  Whoo hoo!  Today we shall finally arrive at Manning Park!!  We packed up early and started backtracking to the spot where we were closest to the highway.

the random trail we were on had a lot of blowdowns.  heres Kyle crawling under one of the fallen trees

We bushwhacked a bit, found the closest and shallowest place to ford the river, and went for it.  We got our feet and pants wet but it didn't matter, we just wanted to be done with the trail for good!  Lol! So we finally got onto the road.  YAY!  We had to road walk a bit because we were still a mile or two away from the Lodge, but that was just a minor inconvenience.  We got to the lodge around 10am and found the other hikers.  They were all packing up to get ready to check out.  Typo and Waldo were there too.  They were Team Snowshoe part A.  They left Winthrop way early in the morning the same day we left, and were intending on pulling a Hail Mary for the 30 miles from Harts Pass to Canada.  They didn't make that whole section in one go, they camped overnight somewhere.  But they still got in the day before the rest of the gang did, and 2 days before Kyle and I showed up.  We were all figuring out what we were going to do.  At some point, we all decided that we were going to take the Greyhound bus into Vancouver.  How convenient that the Greyhound stops here at 11am.  Whoo hoo!

Waldo, Scrub Rat, Doe Eyes, waiting for the bus

Cityfood, Typo, Scallywag, Kyle
Prior to me leaving Winthrop, the plan was for my mom to wait in Vancouver until I called, and then come get me when I arrived in Manning Park.  Hence the reason I chose to take the bus into Vancouver, so as to save her time.  Its about a 3 hour drive from Vancouver to Manning Park.

In epic irony, I find out halfway on the bus ride that CJ and my mom were in Manning Park.  They wanted to "surprise" me.  WHAT THE HELL?!?  Holy macaroni that was such an epic fail.  Lol!  Gosh that was pretty funny.  Ah well, they had good intentions.  Oops.

Later at the Vancouver bus station I saw my mom and CJ.  YAY!  Happy reunion!  We all went out to an epic Chinese restaurant and ice cream.  There is an ice cream shop in Vancouver that has over 200 flavors of ice cream.  That was NUTS and incredibly overwhelming.  YAY!  Lol.  Holy crap, I was so tired.  I just wanted nothing else but to pass out.  Seriously.  Uuuugh.  Plus the whole city was seriously creeping me out and I was not stoked on it.  Vancouver is HUGE.  Holy crap it is a gigantic city.  Waaaaay too overwhelming.  Damn I don't even remember the last time I was in a city this big.  All I wanted to do was just pass out or get out.  Ugh.  It was gnarly.

I also got to see my grandma.  That was super duper awesome.  I don't remember when the last time I saw my grandma was.  I think it was at least 10 years, if not more, since I've seen my grandma.  Her health is failing and she has Alzheimer's, so I was really stoked I got to see her before her health took a permanent path south...  My mom warned me that her memory was failing and a lot of times she doesn't remember things or people.  When I walked into her room at the nursing home she lived in, she immediately cried my name.  That was so incredibly awesome.  She was so joyous I thought she was going to cry.  It was a very beautiful moment.  My grandma speaks a dialect of Chinese that I no longer understand, but there was no doubt that she was just overcome with joy.  It was so, incredibly awesome to see my grandma.  She looked so different than when I last saw her, yet still the same.  Just a lot older.  But joyous.  So much joy. <3  I sat there for a while and listened to her bubbly recollections of when I was a kid.  She helped raised me for a good chunk of my toddler and early childhood years.  She kept saying how when I was about 2 or 3 years old, I would climb onto and sit on her feet and she would lift me up and down with her feet, like a see-saw.  It was an incredibly beautiful final memory of my grandma.

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