Saturday, November 10, 2012

partial Gear Review is up!

Ok ladies and germs, boys and ghouls!  My gear review is up.  I have most of my and Kyle's gear up.  I still have some things I need to add in there, especially the smaller miscellaneous things.  Sorry I don't have it *all* up yet.  This took a ridiculously *long* amount of time to do.  :)  I got the important things in, I'll update the rest soon.  I just wanted to get this in well before the holiday season, incase you guys were already making your holiday wish list. ;)

A note to the ladies: when it comes to clothing, try not to get too hung up on getting only "women-specific" stuff.  A friend of mine pointed out to me a few years back, that she primarily buys men's outerwear, because oftentimes with women's outerwear, the design is more fashion-conscious which sometimes compromises the functionality of the item.  If you're short like me, this doesn't always work well because sometimes even a men's small would be too big for me.  Besides, your goal on the trail should be to be warm/relatively comfortable, functional, and to survive.  Not to put on a fashion show.  Besides, after several hundred miles into the trail you'll be so gnarly you won't really care what you look like and neither will anyone else around you. :)

Gear Review located on the "Gear List/Gear Review" tab, or click here

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