Sunday, November 11, 2012

most epic coffeemaker EVER (pics and vid)

Hiking the PCT has made me appreciate good coffee.  My resupply person CJ is from the Seattle area (COFFEE!!), and has sent me delicious coffee the entire trip.  Hence, I can never go back to drinking mediocre coffee again. :)

Anyhow, I am currently living at Matt and Andy's house, and they are both genius nerds who love coffee.  I found this odd looking contraption in their kitchen, and at first I wasn't sure if it was kitchen cookware or a chemistry set.  Heres what i saw:

the bottom

the top

what it look likes put together

So just how the HECK does this thing make coffee you ask?  Ah ha!  Simple: through the marvels of...<drumroll>SCIENCE!!  You put the coffee grounds on top, and the water on the bottom.  Put the whole thing on the stove, it heats the water.  The top piece has a plug/filter on it (much like the drainplug on a bathroom sink) that is spring loaded.  As the water from the bottom heats and expands, the vapor pressure draws the water upward and mixes with the grounds inside.  Once most of the water is at the top, remove it from heatsource.  As the water cools and the molecules shrink again, all the water from the top gets sucked back into the bottom again, and the grounds stay on top.  Its AMAZING and so frickin cool.  I was thoroughly entertained.  Here it is, in action.  The water getting pushed up:

And then the water getting sucked back down:

The one Matt and Andy have is made by Bodum.  It is one of the more simpler ones.  Some come with a bunsen burner (extra nerd points!!).
And some are just *really* ornate and badass looking.
Anyhow, today is the first time I've seen one of these in action, and my mind is blown.  My world has completely changed forever.  Science + Coffee = Nerdgasm!!! 

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