Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 1 and 2: figuring it all out :)

Im chilling at lake morena right now. Fixing blisters, getting water, and changing socks :) dude this whole shoe-wearing thing is killing me. Im seriously considering switching to chacos for a bit.

So, Around mile 10 yesterday I had kid of an interesting emotional experience. That's when the reality of all this hit, and I realized that this was what I was going to be doing for the next 5 months. Sooo stoked!! :D. Also, it was about then that I mentally and fully committed to making it to Canada, come hell or high water. :)

Man, so many cool people I've met and it's only my 2nd day! A chick named Maya from Berkeley who is a nurse, she has the same pack and tent that I do, and she's so cool. I've been pacing a guy from Japan today. It's really neat to observe people from other countries and their mannerisms. The cool thing about this guy is that he doesn't go fast and he stops at a lot of views to take it all in. Normally I'd just glance and keep going. Hiking with this guy is a neat reminder to stop and smell the roses and enjoy what's around me. Stoked. :)

Also, a guy name "trail angel bill" who is a local here just told us all that there's plenty of water on the trail so don't freak out. YAY!! Also he said Fuller Ridge is not bad cuz the snow this year is so low. YAY!!

Sorry i dont have many pics, most of them are on my camera which i will upload when i can get to a computer. I'm off again now. Yippee!!

Here's a pic of me overlooking lake moreena

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