Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Flying to San Diego!!!!!

Oh my god I am totally freaking the f**k out. Lol!! Not in a bad way. More like an eager anticipation/WOW kinda way. :)

I don't remember if I have already, but I want to mention a few people who are pretty crucial to my trip's well being. CJ in seattle, who is my resupply person, and is handling ALL my food drops and care packages, etc. she is also foster caring for my entire animal clan while I'm gone. which is a pretty huge ordeal. It's like having a part time job that you don't get paid for. O.o. And Matty Jen and Jerod, they let me live with them and store all my stuff (I have a lot of crap) at their house for the last month. And especially Matty because I pretty much took over his room with most of my crap and costumes, and he's moving to a new house and taking all my stuff with him. and I can't help him pack. :( and he's babysitting part of my animal clan too. That's a lot!!!

And thank you to Cherry Blossom Cabaret and friends, for being the most amazing group of humans in the world. We had an epic going away/cast party :P. and thanks Jas, for keeping me on task the last couple days! You're awesome :)

Time to fly!!

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