Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 10: crossing the san diego county line!

Saturday 4/28/12
Miles 117ish-134.5 (17.5ish miles)
Elevation: 4,123

Today's hike had a very wide variety of scenery. I started off coming out of the valley with trees, went through a boulder field, and now it's just bushes all around. I am so stoked on my chrome dome umbrella. There was no shade on the trail today. It's basically a very lightweight umbrella with a reflective coating on the outside. I've used it everyday except 2 days when it was really windy, and no sun.

The morning views were incredible! I was in high enough elevation where I could see a huge sea of fog below. It was so pretty. I have a pic of it below.

As I was walking through the boulder field in the late morning, I came across a random spring! Stoked!!! Must've been from the rain 2 days ago. It was awesome, because the previous water source I got water from was kind of gnarly. I don't have a filter so I'm just treating my water with bleach. It's worked good so far, but doesn't get the particles out. So I filtered the water through my bandana first to get the particles and dead bugs out, then I bleached it. Needless to say I didn't take much of that water. So when I found this random spring I was so grateful, since I still had 4 miles til my next water source and it was getting *hot* and I didn't have much water. So yeah, I filled up :). I have a pic of this water, it's the close up shot of the 2 boulders, I'm not sure if u can see the small trickle of water running in between. But yeah, I need to get a filter. I have one of those katydyn hiker pro filters but i decided not to bring it because it's too heavy. Works great for short trips but im going for 5 months so every ounce of weight counts :)

Today was suuuuper peaceful. Everyone is at the PCT Kickoff Party at Lake Morena (mile 20) so there's not many people around me. I love it!! Lol. It's nice because I don't have to put a change of clothes on when I'm drying out my regular clothes. That's a benefit of hiking and camping solo :) I only saw 2 hikers all day today, Young Geezer and Blacksnake. Blacksnake was part of the group that I started with, we've been leapfrogging since Day 2.

I took a long mid-day break today. I like doing that, if I can get an early enough start. I dried out my tent (lots of condensation from night before), ate trail mix, and stretched. I like to break around 12:30-3 ish, during the hottest part of the day, then keep hiking til 6. That way I still have enough sun to dry my clothes. And I don't need to carry too much water. I carry about 3L at a time. I know that doesn't seem like much but it makes my pack *heavy*!

Oh, in other exciting news, I crossed the San Diego/Riverside county line! Stoked!! I love little tactile things like that which help me feel like I'm making progress :D

I had fajitas for dinner tonight. They are the Mountain House freeze-dried kind. Yummy! Thanks CJ! :) I have a pic of the fajitas and of me eating in my tent. Man it was hard not to make a mess!!

Tomorrow, my goal is to make it to paradise cafe which is at mile 151ish. They supposedly have good food
There. :D

Oh, thanks for all the little notes you leave me guys! Sorry I don't reply, I'm trying to figure out if there's an efficient way to do it on this phone, since I don't have a computer. Anyhow, it's naptime for me! Aloha and goodnight <3

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