Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 9: Christmas in April!

Friday 4/27/12
Miles 105-117ish (12ish miles)
Elevation 4,000 ft

Wow today was such an amazing day!!

This morning I had a spider on my pack. Theres a pic of him below. No hitchikers! My pack weighs enough already! Lol! The trail goes by this huge rock outcropping that looks like an eagle. I got there in the morning, stopped to take pics, and Anna and Chris of the Casual Club showed up! Stoked!! I haven't seen them in a few days, I really like them and was glad to see them again. I also met Faren and Tommy at Eagle Rock. In the pic below L-R is Tommy, Faren, Chris, Anna.

I got to the Warner Springs post office late morning to pick up my first resupply box! It's so cool, since someone else is doing all my resupply packages, I have no idea what is inside them, so it's like a surprise present every time! My box was filled with tons of goodies, thanks CJ!!! I have a pic of my resupply box below. I got an awesome assortment of pasta, potatoes, tuna, food bars, trail mix, and other snacks and treats! And best of all, I got KETCHUP!! Ok so this might sound really weird to you all, but I really like squirting a fat line of ketchup on a tortilla, covering it with powdered milk, rolling it up like a taquito, and eating it. YUM!!

I spent the afternoon at Warner Springs with Anna and Chris, we were all organizing our food and i was also stretching. My sleeping pad makes a great yoga mat. :). It was an incredibly warm an sunny day! Yay!! I laid out my sleeping bag and I think it finally dried out from the rain 2 nights ago. I have a down filled bag, and when it's wet it doesn't insulate well.

Leaving Warner springs was an elevation climb of about 900', to where I'm camped out now. It was an awesome hike, I crossed the Agua Caliente creek about 10 times. I love hiking next to a moving creek. Water is amazing. <3. Another plus for hiking in flip flops is I don't have to deal with wet shoes and socks after a river crossing :) Last night I was camped next to San Ysidro creek, it was so soothing to fall asleep to the sound of flowing water. The view going up the valley is awesome. I love being high up with a cool view, I feel like I'm on top of the world. Lol.

So I hiked til about 630 and decided to make camp. I like to have my tent up and my belongings situated by 730, because it gets really cold after that and I don't want to have to move. Lol. For dinner I had mashed potatoes with Tuna and ketchup. And now its food coma time!

It's really nice sometimes, camping without other tents around. One reason is so I'm not woken up by other people's snoring. Haha! Another reason is so that I can dry my clothes without having to change into other clothes. Lol.

Man I love this tennis ball. I use it to massage my feet and calves and other muscles throughout the day. And now I am laying on it to massage my back while I'm in my sleeping bag, blogging. Backpacking is all about multitasking :D

Goodnight everyone!! It's sleepy time! Aloha <3

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