Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 8: sweet desert solitude

Thursday 4/26/12
Miles 91-105 (14 miles)
Elevation 3350ft

It's really cool how I'm feeling stronger each day. :) just a week ago I was so tired after just 10 miles. Now I can almost do 10 miles by noon! It helps that my pack is lighter too. I've mailed some items to myself that I don't need now but will later.

I really enjoy hiking by myself. I've pretty much been solo this whole time, except when I get to water sources, people tend to congregate there. It's like we are animals in migration, just walk from one waterhole to the next :).

The desert is so peaceful. I love being by myself out here. I'm sure at some point down the line I'll want company, especially when it gets sketchy. But for now I am just loving the solitude. I only saw 3 hikers all day. Steve from San Diego who is camped at the same area I am right now, Barb who is a section hiker (she's been doing 20-25 miles a day since Saturday!), and Young Geezer.

The sunrise and sunsets are incredible! Im in a hilly area right now, so the lighting and the shadows and the clouds are just so beautiful around dawn and dusk.

So last night and this morning were pretty gnarly. It was windy, cold, and raining. Pretty much the trifecta of weather I do not care for. Lol. It's all good though, I'm building character. :). I didn't want to move this morning. I could hear everyone around me packing up, but I didn't leave camp til 8:30 which is pretty late. Usually I wake up around 4:30-5 ish and leave no later than 6/630 ish.

I left at the perfect time though, because that was when the rain stopped! Stoked! But man, today was a cold and windy hiking day!! I had my beanie, jacket, and even my leggings all on at one point! Yikes! I didn't even stop too much for breaks because it was too cold and I needed to keep moving to say warm. Lol!

Tomorrow morning I go into Warner Springs to pick up my first resupply box. Yay! Then it's onward to Idyllwild.

My feet and legs and body are sore but feeling pretty good :) I've acquired a tennis ball so I've been rolling my feet, calves, and various muscles on it. I need to stretch more. Hard to do in my tent, it's pretty small in here but I do what I can.

Oh! In other exciting news, I completed my first 100 miles today around noontime!! Yippee! :D


  1. With such Ninja-like attire, I barely recognized you! Hiiiiiiiiiii-YA! *kick to the throat*

  2. I'm walking in your shoes, at least in my mind :) Thanks for sharing through your journal. Keep me in mind if you are needing/wanting anything when you get near Redding (in 2-3 months when it's 100+ degrees)