Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 11: Holy Hamburgers batman!!

Sunday 4/29/12
Miles 134.5-151.5 (19 miles, including the 1 mi to and from Paradise Cafe)
Elevation 5,100ft

Is it lizard mating season or something? Lol! They're everywhere and acting kinda weird. B
Not that lizards aren't awesonely weird on a normal basis, but right now they seem extra quirky. Yesterday, this one lizard looked like it was doing a pushup dance or something. It was so funny-looking. Animals are cool :)

Today's hike seemed a lot more difficult than its been. I think it's cuz of all the elevation gain. If you're looking at my elevation report, even though the overall change isn't much, I gain/lose 1,000+ft several times thought the day. The trail isn't flat. Lol. Hence the name "Pacific Crest Trail". It follows the crest of the mountains all the way to Canada. :)

Sorry I didn't take many pics today. It was a tiring day. There was a huge water cache which was AWESOME. I took a pic of it. Sometimes people will randomly leave a water cache for hikers along the trail by road intersections. This particular one is huge. Usually it's several gallon jugs of water. But either way, we are oh so grateful. It's pretty hot out here and there is no shade. O.o

There is a legendary cafe on the road near the PCT called Paradise Valley Cafe. It's *very* popular among hikers and they supposedly have epic food, so naturally I had to stop by :). Oh, I leapfrogged with Alice and Steve the last 2 days. They're a really cool couple. Alice did the AT a while ago. She's also the first person I came across with a pack heavier than mine. Whew!! Glad im not the only one :). I told them about the Cafe so they went there too. I had a huge burger with feta and olives and jalapeƱos. It was amazing! Bummer I didn't get a pic of it. But it was really big. I managed to eat it all tho :). The beer was really good too. In the pic below Butterstuff is drinking a beer from the Czech Republic. I had a German beer after. Both very delicious.

I'm currently camped out not too far from the cafe. I was too tired to do more miles. Lol. Alice and Steve kept going. They are pretty hardcore. Anyhow, it's nap time! Sorry I don't have much interesting news to report. I have all these great thoughts throuout the day but by the time night rolls around and I blog, I forget everything! Lol. Maybe I'll try blogging throughout the day? :). Goodnight!!


  1. That beer is epic!!!

    Gnarly long walk today, congrats!

  2. Butterstuff looks so wasted. I think you should make a video imitating the lizards. It'll be like the chameleon burly-q that Aja wants to do.