Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Day 12: beautiful soul #2, and my trail name!!! :D

Monday 4/30/12
Miles 151.5-164.5 (13 miles)
Elevation 7060ft
Total # snake encounters: 8

Lizards are so cool. Lol! I got pics of 2 of them today. Gosh today was a beautiful hike! I went through lots of trees and boulder fields. I love trees, they make me happy :) As do rocks. I took a lot of pics of the scenery today. Too bad they don't really do it justice, but at least you kind of get an idea what I'm looking at. Saw 2 snakes today. That puts my total sightings at 8 in 12 days.

So I had kind of an easy day today, didn't get a lot of miles in. But that's ok, I ended up taking a 3 hr break this morning, like around 10. I ran into a guy named Luc (aka Disciple) who hiked the AT in 2010, and he had a suuuuper cute puppy with him: Trigger, a black lab. I have a pic of them below. So naturally I stopped to say hi and pet the puppy. Luc ended up being incredibly awesome too, hence the reason I ended up staying for 3 hours. Lol.

But it was awesome that I stayed as long as i did because I ran into Kombucha and Hawkeye again, and some other hikers too. One of them gave me my trail name: Dancing Feet. Lol that is so cool!!! And epically appropriate in so many ways. Funny thing is he didn't even know I was a dancer. But ya, I'm stoked, I like it :D

So that water trough I have a pic of (Eagle Spring) was the last place I got water from. Damn I wish I had a filter. Lol. I hope bleach was good enough. There were other water sources prior to this one, but this was the closest one to the trail, at 1/4 mile away. Hence I chose this location. It's what I get for being lazy huh? Lol :)

I took a pic of my camera and my gorilla pod; that's what ive been using to take all my self shots. I'll post those up when I get a chance. I love the gorillapod tho. It's so awesome!

The one pic I have of me, Luc took that, it's where we are camped out tonight, on top of the mountain. It's COLD. Lol. And its windy too, so hopefully that means there won't be any condensation. But the view is INCREDIBLE. Possibly the most amazing I've had thus far. And the sunset was unreal. Oh my god. It was so amazing I completely forgot to take a pic. Blah. Lol. I just couldn't stop watching it.

But anyhow, I ran into Luc and Trigger this afternoon. I was super stoked, because they are section hiking and going back the other way tomorrow so I wasn't sure if I was gonna see them again. It's pretty awesome to meet a person with a beautiful soul (who happens to have an epic dog too). You know how sometimes you come across someone with such a neat aura that they glow? It's a rare and special thing, to come across people like that. I'm so lucky to have met 2 already (Dazzle being the 1st), and it's only my 12th day on the trail. :)

Anyhow. Yeah, today was pretty amazing. I know I say that everyday. Lol. But today was definitely a special one in so many ways. And now I'm gonna go to sleep and hope I dont wake up an icicle. Lol!


  1. That name's a keeper, Dancing Feet! Loving your blog posts because you write with a blaze of emotion and no filter. Love it! Keep sharing and we'll keep reading. Go, Team Breezy!

  2. Ditto to Leslie's comments! I also have a gorillapod which I love and use for taking group timer photos. Love your spirit!