Monday, May 07, 2012

Day 18: oh man my pack is heavy!!

Sunday 5/6/12
Miles 216-232 (16 miles)
Elevation 4851ft
Total # snake encounters: 9

I dont know if it's because I haven't slept much lately so I'm extra tired, or if my pack is exceptionally heavy. Cuz maaaan, it was pretty crushing today. At times my fingers would get tingly because my pack strap was digging into my shoulder. Ah well.

I am pretty stoked to be in the desert again, and out of snow!! Lol. The chameleons are so cool looking. they're almost rainbow colored, some of them, and they have a loooong tail. There are these strange looking blue dragonfly things here, that is also pretty neat. So far I've crossed 2 streams (first stream is pictures below), that's always really nice. Great chance to cool my feet down and rinse off. Did some ridge walking too (pic below), which I love. I'm currently hanging out a 2nd stream crossing. I've been here for about 2 hours. Took a nap, washed my feet, got some sun, ate some food, and now I feel a lot better. I hear this next section coming up is pretty gnar gnar.

Some hikers just showed up, time for me to keep trekking! I wanna try and make a few more miles before I make camp. Plus it's cooled down a lot so hopefully I can get some miles in.

I got about 6 more miles in. Yay! The trail isnt too gnarly yet. Went over a stream about 20 times going up the canyon. Lol. I took a pic of one of the crossings, it had tree trunks to walk over. I saw a snake lying in the middle of the trail. Not a rattler, it was reddish and really cool looking.

I'm camped out at the same place as John, a hiker from the uk. No tent again tonight. Weather is really nice, and I'm just too lazy to set it up. Lol. Sky and stars are so beautiful :). Man, I'm tired. I hope to catch up on some sleep I've been lacking. Whew! Body is super tired but feeling good :). Goodnight everyone! :)

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