Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 29: Wrightwood!!

Thursday 5/17/12
Miles 361-369 (8 miles)
Elevation 7,403ft

Today was an awesome morning :) Wow the sunrise was so cool! I woke up at 5:30am and the colors in the sky were amazing. The smog/fog was pretty cool too. It was so deceptively pretty. There were similar views of fog and mist in the Idyllwild area, but over there it was actual mist, whereas here it was smog and yuck. Lol. Ugh, LA totally sucks. Im so glad i left. :)

It was a nice 3 mile trek to the water source which was *so* EPIC. We were both pretty much out of water. We stopped a bit to fill up on water and make some food. It was pretty neat because you literally walk around Mt. High ski resort. I've never seen a ski resort in the off season before. There were also resivours by the ski runs that were used to make snow during low snow years. It was a 6mi trek to the road where we hitchiked into town. There was a guy there, Dave, who was working near the intersection of the road and trail, we talked story for a bit and he was really stoked on what we were doing so he drove us to Wrightwood. Thanks Dave!

Wrightwood is a pretty cool town. It's small like Julien so getting around is quite easy. There is a coffee shop there called Joe Mudd's that serves really yummy coffee. They also have a huge selection of vinyl records and a record player which anyone can play. They also have a bunch of guitars hanging on the walls that customers can play. It's probably the coolest coffee shop I've ever been in. And the lady that worked here is super cool too! That's a pic of Siddartha, in the coffee shop.

So check out the randomness of this trail: at the coffee shop, I met the father-in-law of the guy that owns one of the kayak rental shops in Kailua. Small world!

Like any other small town, there are quite a few interesting characters in town. Lol. And it's funny seeing/hearing them here and there.

There's a restaurant/bar here called Yodeler, it was ok food. Theres a pic of Siddartha and I, and also me with LB and Power Nap at Yodeler. Thus far all the food I've had in trail towns have been really subpar. But eh, I'm not too concerned about food. I'm just stoked to go into town to get a shower and laundry done. :)

So tomorrow I'm going zip lining!! I'm soooooo stoked!! I've only been one other time in my life and that was in Costa Rica over 10 years ago! So yeah, I can't wait!! Ugh I'm tired. Lol. Haven't had much sleep lately. Wheeee!!

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