Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Day 21: some R&R in Big Bear

Wednesday 5/9/12
Miles 269-277.5
Elevation 6,800

So you know how I was saying I was camped on an incline yesterday? Well funny thing is, if I just went 1.5 miles further up I would have been on the ridge, and had flat ground to camp on. And I actually knew this, when I looked at my topo maps yesterday, but the reason I stopped anyways was because it was already 6:30pm, and I like to get in my tent before 7, since it gets really cold after that. Haha, my aversion to being cold has me doing funny things :). Anyhow, I'm sitting about 5 miles from where I camped this morning, making food. It's quite a pleasant and not-cold morning :). I like to eat right before I get into town so I'm not ravenous like most hikers are when they get into town. Also because I have a lot of food still. It's pretty easy to spend a lot of money on food, and a lot of hikers do. I'd rather spend money on getting acupuncture. :)

Coming down the Cougar Crest Trail was awesome!! I was hiking the PCT and I rounded a corner and BAM, there was an epic panoramic view of Big Bear lake!! Stoked!! I took a pic. I always like seeing where I'm going before I get there so I really love aerial views.

I'm currently staying at Natures Inn. They really cater to PCT hikers, its so rad! Theres a whole chill-out room with a pool table and stuff. Thats the pic below. The bathtub is also a hot tib! Thats me standing in it, im doing laundry in that photo, stirring my clothes with my hiking pole. Lol.

Natures Inn is not really in "town" so to speak, but I like it that way, because it's quiet and mellow and not touristy. And there's a lot of other hikers here too! The older guy is "Young Geezer", I first met him a while ago. The other guy I'm in the photo with is Quest, and me and the gal is Moonshine from Germany. I am rooming with them. The pic of me with the two guys with wine glasses, that's Power Nap and Last on the Bus. The guy at Natures Inn fed us wine. STOKED :D

Anyhow, I had some pizza and wine and am now drinking tea. Yum :) nap time! I'm so stoked to take a break from walking for a while. Lol. My feet are all fat and chubby and swollen. Lol. But at the same time I can't wait to get back on the trail, it is soooo epic out there <3


  1. Can't remember if I mentioned this already to you but I love your blog. It's in my top 5 of about 60 PCT blogs I'm following. Keep up the good work. Very entertaining. :-) I'm stoked for your next entry LOL ;-)

    Portland PCT Section Hiker Mike

  2. I like the hair =)

  3. Stirring the laundry - priceless :)

    Love your spirit, your spontaneity, your openness . . . thanks for sharing the journey, and remember I'm here for you when you get MUCH further north . . end of July or mid August I suspect . .