Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 41: wind, windfarms, and lots of sand

Tuesday 5/29/12
Miles 541-558 (17 miles)
Elevation 3,950'

Today was an unusually difficult day for me. I dunno why. My throat kinda felt scratchy all day, and I was really tired. I hope I'm not getting sick :( I later talked to LB and he said his throat was scratchy too. Maybe it's from all the dust that the wind is blowing around. By the way, I'm in the high desert right now (Mojave). And it's pretty windy. There are wind farms everywhere. And when I say windy I'm talking 20-40+ mph winds. Wheee!

Anyhow, I woke up around 6:30 and slowly got my stuff packed. I took a pic of the sign of the trail camp inwas at. I cooked some food for later since I had water here. The next 17 miles is a waterless stretch. Bleh, that means I have to carry 3 liters of water, which is heavy.

I took a lot of breaks today, because I was feeling unusually tired and not-good. The whole first 8 miles was uphill, but it was only about 1,000ft and it was gradual, so it wasn't bad at all. I am so incredibly thankful for my umbrella, the chrome dome from golite. I know I talk about this everyday, but it is worth more than its weight in gold, going through the desert. Anyhow, at the top of the hill there was a water cache!!! I took a pic of the cache and the sign next to it. Oh my gosh I was sooooo thankful for this cache. I took about an hour break here just drinking water and eating and resting. It was also awesome because the trail is pretty much downhill from here. Yay!! :) I'm on the homestretch!

The rest of the hike today was mostly downhill so that was cool. Scenery was kinda eerie: windfarms and burnt trees. I got to the highway where there was *another* cache of water and snacks. Thank you so much to the anonymous trail angels that leave these caches!!! <3

So a couple hours before I got to the road intersection, The Bobcat texted me and said they (her, LB, Powernap) were staying in Tehachapi and they needed a 4th roommate, so I decided to go there. I really like those 3 people. :)

Tehachapi is an interesting town. Very spread out. It's a small desert town with some character. Lol. TK's pizza place is awesome, I was hanging out there for a bit, the guys that work there are super awesome and really stoked about the trail.

I decided that tomorrow I'm going to slack pack the 8 miles between the 2 road intersections to town, so I made some vodka-soaked watermelon for that. It is now chilling in the fridge. Haha, stoked!! :)

Wow there are tons of hikers in town, I know there are a bunch in the hotels on either side of where I stayed (best western country park), as well as places down the road. I love this trail. And all the trail towns are so interesting. Lol :)

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