Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 34: epic KOA campground, and ice cream!

Tuesday 5/22/12
Miles: 0
Elevation 2,275

I got to the KOA campground around 8am and the store doesn't open til 9. DOH! Lol. I just hung out at one of the RV spots and charged my phone, took a shower, and did some ziplock bag laundry. I ended up doing actual laundry later in the day, since there were actual machines here.

There were a lot of hikers that came, some kept going, and some decided to stay the night. Ryan and I hit hitched into town to buy some fresh fruit and veggies. We walked by a restaurant with a funny sign that I took a pic of: "please do not tie horses to railings". At first i thought it was just part of the decoration but those signs were everywhere. I guess they are real. Haha! So cool!! I love small towns by the trail :) A cool guy drove us back; he is a professional knife thrower and works for Hollywood. Lol. Such random people you meet in little trail towns.

A trail angel rolled through camp, his name is Visa (he's everywhere you want to be), and brought us fried chicken, Gatorade, cookies, oranges, and candy. It was awesome!! I got a group shot of all of us. The guy in the bright blue shirt is Water Tank, next to him is Jimmy and Ryan (behind the truck bed). Visa is in the white shirt, next to him is Dionysus and Shawn (known as the "3 guy caballeros", along with Charles in the rainbow bandana). Next to Charles is Brian.

I also met a couple from Maui! I have a pic of them below. Pineapple is the guy and Express is the gal. Yay for the 808 state!! :)

Gosh there are so many hikers coming in and out, its kind of overwhelming. The first few weeks of the hike were nice because there weren't that many people, but now the faster hikers in the main herd have caught up and are passing me. so now there's just people everywhere. Yikes.

Im headed to the Saufleys tonight, who are legendary trail Angels on the PCT. I heard they are at Max capacity (which is 50 people). Yikes!! I personally don't want to be around that many people, but I have a bunch of packages to pick up so I gotta figure out what I'm going to do because I'll probably roll into that area around 11pm. Hmm.

Well, I ended up staying at the KOA campground. We got the official message from Donna Saufley that they are full for the night. Good thing I didn't head out. Plus I was planning on zeroing there, but there's so many people, and this campground is awesome, so I think ultimately it is a better place to zero. There are about 20 of us here right now, I took a pic of us having dinner.

Anyhow, this works out because there's a place coming up before the saufleys called Vasquez Rocks, and I want to see it in the light. I can't wait! Today has been a great day for some R&R. Stoked, blessed, an surrounded by great company. Life is good :)

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  1. I saw a documentary on PBS about the Appalachian Trail hikers, but none of them hiked as far as you plan to! I found your blog under a search for KOA campgrounds, and I was intrigued and so entertained by your story, especially about Trail Angels. Our family rented an RV for our vacation, and we’re thinking about doing it again in a few weeks. This year, besides renting an RV, the new thing is my Dish coworker suggested I take the tablet PC’s; the whole family watched TV, sometimes through the media system too. We streamed live and recorded TV from our Sling Adapter at home, and then just pulled up the programming on the Dish Remote Access App. It saved us from yelling at the kids for fighting, and entertained us when we were driving.