Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 33: road walking, long break, and night hiking

Monday 5/21/12
Miles 419-444 (25 miles)
Elevation 2230'

Today was almost entirely a road walk day for me. The poodle dog bush is so bad in this area, some of us took the dirt road detours so we could avoid the stuff. It was a hot day, I'm so stoked I have my umbrella!

I took a 5 hour break in the middle of the day. Lol. That's a picture of me laying out. It was an awesome siesta :) A bunch of hikers came through, including Last Minute and The Donald. Th Donald is Canadian and plays the bagpipes, he brought an instrument (called slider?) with him and played a bit. It was amazing! He is bringing bagpipes to the top of Mt.Whitney. Too bad I'm not gonna make it there the same time, that would be so freaking awesome :)

There is a KOA campground close to one of the road intersections, and the store there sells ice cream. At some point today I decided that I was going to hike to that KOA so I could have ice cream for breakfast. So that's why I ended up doing 25 miles. Lol.

The last 8 miles I did at night. I love night hiking, its so awesome :). Doing the poodle dog bush dance at night was not fun though. I'm so glad i did that section at night, because it's a very hot and dry portion. I finally got to the bottom of the hill at about 12:30am. There was a random little campsite right there, so that's where I made camp. Stoked!! Ice cream for breakfast! :)

Theres a thing called "hiker hunger" that people talk about. They say you don't get it unless you regularly do 18/20+ mile days. I think the hiker hunger bug finally bit me after doing big miles the last few days, because I feel like I could eat *everything*. Lol. But that's cool cuz I had some extra food and since I'll be at my next resupply box tomorrow I can just eat everything, and my pack weighs less yay! :)


  1. I day hiked Mt Whitney in about 1994, fair number of people on the summit. I juggled 5 balls there and another guy had a golf club and hits some balls off the summit. Another guy was there and said he last climbed it 27 years before that and a guy drove golf balls off the top then as well. Better dig into your bag of tricks and come up with something!!!

  2. almost to 500 miles! Of course you would walk 25 miles to get ice cream lol.

    1. Or Wine!! LOL :D

    2. Of course she would. :) Love you Keala!