Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 35: I LOVE rocks, and Donna Saufley is AMAZING!!

Wednesday 5/23/12
Miles 444-478 (34 miles)
Elevation 3,391

Yeah, you read right, I just did a 34 mile day. Holy moly that was nuts. I'll get to the story why in a little bit.

This morning I left the KOA campground and hiked toward the Saufleys which was 10 miles away. Just before Agua Dulce which is the town the Saufleys are at, is Vasquez Rocks county park. It was absolutely beautiful. I LOVE rocks. There is so much life and soul in rocks. Just like trees. And rocks are like the bridge between the modern world and the primordial beginnings of earth. I took a few photos of the rocks. I also liked the fields of yucca plants. That was beautiful.

The town of Agua Dulce is so awesome. It's a tiny rural town, Chelsea who is staff at the Acton KOA campground described it as Acton with more money. Yeah, the houses (ranches) at Agua Dulce were pretty nice looking. Anyhow, there were signs all over welcoming us PCT hikers to town (the trail goes right through town). That was so cool. I stopped at Sweetwater Cafe for food with Pineapple and Express. I have a photo of that, I ordered a veggie omelette with bacon. They gave us a 20% discount! That was so rad. The town is so awesome!

The saufleys live about a mile off trail, as I was walking there I got picked up by Donna Saufley! I don't think there's enough words in my vocabulary to describe the amazigness of this woman. She is an absolute multi-tasking machine. And she does it all with such a jolly attitude. She is so awesome. The Saufley residence is amazing. There are about 6 dogs and 2 horses on the property, along with a giant mobile home, a trailer, and about 6 gigantic tents that all together house around 50 hikers at a time. And then there's the actual house that Donna and Jeff live in. It's so awesome here.

The photo of me and 3 other people, that's Team 808, we are all from Hawaii. Last Minute (the dark hair guy) and I are from Oahu, Pineapple and Express are from Paia, Maui. Too bad Dazzle (Kauai) isn't here. The photo of me and 2 people are Molasses (girl) and Ben. We are the Nocturnal Wander Crew because we all love night hiking. Oh, Ben is also an amazing pianist, so is another guy named Weather Carrot. There is a piano at the Saufleys and they were jammin!

I spent the day at the saufleys organizing my 5 packages as well as my resupply package. That pretty much took all day. Lol. At some point tonight I decided i was going to night hike the 24 miles to the Anderson's aka Casa De Luna.

That was nuts. I left the Saufleys at 9:30pm and got a ride to the trailhead. And just kept walking and walking, and eating and walking at the same time. Around 2:30am I got really really tired. I ate some energy/electrolyte gummy candies and felt better. I got my 2nd wind around 3:30am. Then at 4:30am I got to a water cache about 7 miles from the Anderson's. I was hiking in flip flops up til that point; I changed into my 5 finger shoes because when I get tired I trip over things a lot, and I didn't want to lose toenails. The sky was also getting lighter, I knew the sun was coming up soon, yay!! I can do this!! :)

Around 5:30am I got really tired again. And my feet were starting to hurt. Must...keep...walking! When I got to about 3 miles out, I was soooo tired. I dumped all my water to lighten my load (I didn't need it at that point), and drank some of my wine (I had about a liter). Lol, those last 3 miles were awesome. My pack was way lighter, and the wine helped warm me up and gave me a happy buzz. :)

I was so tired when I finally got to the road at 8:30am, I just sat down for 30 minutes. It took me another 30 minutes to get a hitch, I was later told the road is a connector road between Lancaster/Palmdale and Los Angeles, so people were probably commuting to work. The lady that eventually picked me up is a firefighter at the Mill Creek Fire Station (where I slept several nights ago), cool!!

I got to the Anderson's around 8:30am, ate some ice cream, and passed out. I was soooooo tired, at that point I was up for over 24 hours. Wheeee!!! Lol.

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