Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 28: holy heat wave batman!!

Wednesday 5/16/12
Miles 347-361.5 (14.5 miles)
Elevation 8,171 ft

Ooooo man it's a toasty one today!! Holy hair balls! I woke up at 530am and it was warm. Yowza!! I am so incredibly stoked on my chrome dome umbrella I absolutely love that thing! :). I only did 7 miles or so thus far. I was leapfrogging with Siddartha (the person I went to rei with) for a while and now we're both taking a siesta and waiting til it cools down cuz uuuugh it's really hot! I have a pic of him laying under my umbrella. Except now hes under my tent. The cool thing about my tent which is a Tarptent Notch (by henry shires) is that the inside can be removed so that its like a canopy. And it has a door on each side so airflow is pretty epic. Good shade for hot days. Uuugh I wanna go surf right now. Lol.

Man it's really awesome the wildlife you see sometimes when you just stop for a moment. There are these really cool hummingbirds that buzz around here and there, and they are so cute!! The bugs are annoying but not too bad. They're manageable. It helps when I light incense. Mmm I love Nag Champa :)

So we didn't end up leaving that spot I was at til 6pm ish. It was that hot. Sorry I didn't take too many pics, it wasn't necessarily a very scenic day today. We hiked til around 9:30. The next water source is about 3 miles away, but we're totally pooped and we're just gonna get water in the morning. We're camped somewhere alongside a dirt road. It's kind of a campsite. At least it's flatish. We're both camping tentless because it's really frickin windy and neither of our tents do very well in high winds.

Today we went from hot hot desert, up into trees. We did about a 5,000' elevation gain today. It's interesting how the air, smell and overall feel of everything changes as you increase/decrease in elevation. Both of us were really stoked to be in cooler temps. I heard someone walk past us. Night hiking is definitely the way to go in high temps like we had today.

I'm pretty stoked Siddartha was with me today. It woulda been pretty crappy if I was by myself. For me personally when I'm feeling not-so-good I like to be alone but not really. If that makes any sense. So yeah. Thanks Siddartha, for enduring the day with me. You're awesome :)

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