Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 31: paralleling the Angels Crest Highway

Saturday 5/29/12
Miles 378-401 (25 miles, including the 2 extra miles I did when I took the wrong trail)
Elevation 6,276ft

Holy macaroni, my feet are tired! Lol. I unintentionally did a 25 mile day today. Early on I took the wrong trail and didn't realize until I was a mile in that I was on the wrong trail. Oops. :). Then later on in the day I was thinking about stopping at mile 396, but I kinda wanted to get to mile 400, and I thought to myself "it's only 4 miles away!". So that's how I ended up doing 25 miles. :)

The whole day we were walking among trees. That was nice. At one of the water sources (pictured below), I ran into Black Hawk (aka helicopter) and Easy Mile. That's the pic of the 2 people. Later in the day I also ran into a guy from Oahu!! Who happens to live in Kailua, and happens be friends with one of the guys I work with. What a small world! His name is Last Minute and there's a pic below of him and I. So cool to know there's someone else from my island!! :). I doubt I'll see him on the trail again, he has a scheduled end date in mid September so he's moving pretty fast.

So today must be boy scout day or something because i crossed about 5 different troops that were camping/backpacking. It's funny, the kids look pretty tired but their dads, some of them looked utterly exhausted. Poor dads. :) all the established campgrounds were full of boyscouts so I definitely did not intend on camping there. Generally I avoid camping at actual campgrounds anyways, it's easier to maintain solitude that way :)

Anyhow, I finally got to mile 401 (camp glenwood) around 9pm ish. It was a boyscout camp. Lol. I couldn't find the water spigot in the dark so I knocked on the door of the cabin that was there. All the adults of the troop were hanging out in there and they had a faucet. Stoked!! I grabbed some water and went further down the trail a bit to setup camp. Oh man I am tired. It's funny, because my body isn't very tired, it's my feet that are tired. Whew! Definitely gonna try and sleep in tomorrow. :D

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