Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 39: morning magic, and the quirky/cool Hikertown

Sunday 5/27/12
Miles 510-518 (8 miles)
Elevation 3,037

As if the trail magic last night was not amazing enough, Dave and crew gave us breakfast too!! :) they had cereal, bars, almond milk, yogurt, bananas, bagels, almond butter, tea, and all kinds of epicness. Oh my gosh what a great start!!

The weather was still nice and cool so the hiking was mellow. I did about 8 miles to get to this place called Hikertown. It is a very odd and awesomely quirky place, I have pics of it, it is all on some guy's private fenced property and it looks like a little mini western town. All the buildings are individual bunk houses that you can stay in for $10 a night. It looks like a movie set but was never used for that, it was built as a hobby by the original owner. Anyhow, there's an actual house where the caretaker lives, and the garage is where the hiker hangout area is. I took a shower (outside with the hose, that's the great thing about being in the desert, it's hot!), did my laundry in the washing machine, and helped organize the hiker box. A lot of people I've met the last few days have come and gone out. Some new people who rolled in later in the day I think is staying overnight.

So, after an entire evening of debating whether to go or stay, I decided I'm going to stay. I originally intended on doing 13 more miles so I could have a 20 mile day. But as the evening rolled in it was *windy* and my aversion to cold told me I shouldn't walk in that. Lol. My reasoning is, if I night hiked, i'd have to set up camp at some point, and it will be dark and windy and cold. Whereas, if I left early in the morning, I can just do more miles and setup camp before it gets dark and cold.

So that's basically my justification for being lazy and only doing 8 miles. Lol

The cool thing about being here so long is I got to meet a lot of new people, as well as hang out with a lot of people I've been around for a while. I'll get pics of everyone in the next few days I'm sure. Anyhow, Hikertown is so cool and weird, it's an awesome place to spend memorial day weekend. :D. Be safe everyone!! Have a great weekend!

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