Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 36: a kind-of zero day at Casa De Luna

Thursday 5/24/12
Mile: 0
Elevation same as yesterday

Not sure if you count today as a full zero, since I technically walked here through the night and into the morning. Lol.

So I passed out in my tent sometime after 10:30am (after i ate a whole pint of mint chip ice cream) and didn't wake up til about 5pm. The property Casa de Luna is on is quite interesting. The backyard area is where the hikers all sleep, and it's basically a forest of trees and bushes that go super far back. In fact I'm not even sure where it ends, it's so huge. There are patches cut out here and there for people to set up tents within the forest. It's pretty cool. I picked a spot way back in the forest along with 4 other people, so it would be nice and quiet.

Casa De Luna has a reputation for being quite insane. Haha. The Saufleys are known for their "corporate efficiency" manner of taking care of hikers, the Anderson's are known as Hippy Daycare. It's pretty awesome over here. A lot of people skip stopping at the Anderson's because they don't want to be amongst the madness. I actually wasn't planning on stopping by, except my hiker permit was sent here so I had to come pick it up.

All PCT hikers who plan on doing 500 miles or more need a thru-hiker permit. I got one a while back but I left it in Hawaii. And I didn't realize I forgot it until I was about 100 miles into the trail. So I had another one sent to me. Yay! I'm legal now. Lol.

Terri Anderson made us all a community taco dinner, it was great! I ate a bunch and just passed out around 10pm. I was soooo tired. It has been an interesting day. Sorry I don't have pictures, I was too tired and out of it to take pics.

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