Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 23: rested and stoked to be back on the trail! :)

Friday 5/11/12
Miles 277-287 (10 miles)
Elevation 6518ft

I don't think I mentioned before, but all the rooms at Nature's Inn have hottubs in them. EPIC!! :D It's awesome because they also give you bubble bath soap, and the first night I put in way too much and I was almost eaten alive by bubbles. Haha! You know how when you accidentally put regular dish soap in a dishwasher? Yeah, it was kind of like that. Lol. Anyhow, I did better the 2nd night, the bubbles were at a much more manageable level. I honestly think the hot tub really helped a lot. Man it felt good to just sit in it for hours with the jets going. Lol. Also it's nice to sleep and be able to spread out. There's not much room for movement in a mummy sleeping bag. Lol.

This morning, there was leftover beer, so thats what Moonshine and Quest had for breakfast (pic below). Lol, leave it to a German to drink beer for breakfast. Moonshine is so cool. She's turkish German and her real name (which is turkish) translates to Moonshine. Thats how she got her trail name. They are both such cool people, I'm so glad I got to hang out with them for a couple days!

When I got back to the trail, I ran into so many people. It was funny how we all just randomly congregated in one spot at the same time. That's the photo with all the people in it. By the way, the social dynamics of thru-hikers is pretty fascinating. Lol. Maybe in another blog ill go into more detail about it. Anyhow, in the pic, The girl on the far left is Bloodbath, and Scarecrow is next to her but you can only see his pants. Guy in the bright yellow shirt is Crashzone. Sitting on the log is Power Nap and Grit. Cropdust is the one with the backpack with her back to the camera, and behind her is Buster taking a pic. The two people standing on the right are Andrew and Backpax. The pic with the 3 guys is L-R Buster, Andrew, and Backpax. It's cool to meet new people.

There are these things along the trail called Trail Camps up, which are semi-developed campgrounds. They're kinda neat, and they cater towards equestrian riders. There are usually some corrals and posts to keep horses at, and some have a faucet with water for horses. The one I passed by tidy is Little Bear trail camp. I took a pic of the sign and also of the campground. I think that's where most of the people from the picture are camped. I went about 2 miles further. I came cross Anna and Chris from the Casual Club today! Im always stoked to see them, they are great people. :)

I'm camping tent less tonight. I've decided to use my tent on an as-needed basis (cold, moist, rain, or bugs), or when I want to be enclosed, because it's kind of a pain in the butt to setup correctly. Maybe I'm just lazy. Lol. But my 15 degree sleeping bag is so awesomely warm I don't need a tent a lot of the times.

Anyhow, it's 8pm and I'm going to sleep. I really didn't sleep much the last 2 nights so I'm pretty tired. That's the only downfall of having epic roommates. Lol. But gosh I am soooo stoked to be back on the trail. Yay! :)

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