Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 38: 500 miles! And a surprise gathering

Saturday 5/26/12
Miles 490-510 (20 miles)
Elevation 4,015

Wow it was cold! I was camped up on a ridge, there were 6 people a few miles behind me that camped down in the canyon and they said they had to shake ice off their tents. Yikes!! I am so glad to have my tent. a few hikers sent theirs ahead thinking there would be no rain in SoCal. oops.

Anyhow, it's unusually cold today, which I'm grateful for. Normally this is a ridiculously hot and dry section of the trail. It was so cold all day I didn't even need to stop and get water, so I did 32 miles total on the 2 liters 20 oz of water i got from the Anderson's before I left there.

I hit 500 miles today!! Whee!! I took a pic of the "500" that someone spelled out with sticks. There was also an official pct 500 marker which I also took a pic of, but this one was actually at mile 502. Close enough I guess :)

When i got to the spot I intended to camp at, there was trail magic there!!! What an awesome surprise, and an awesome unintentional celebration for my 500 miles!! Weather Carrot handed me a soda first thing when I got to where their truck was. Weather carrot, Orbit, and Dave was doing trail work, and I rolled in around dinner time. Bobcat was there too, and so they made us all dinner! It was amaaaazing! We had rice, naan, curry, tea, and cookies for dessert! I was soooo stoked :D

The 5 of us camped out there that night. Dave, orbit and weather carrot are going to do some more trail work tomorrow. I am so stoked, this is such a perfect crew to camp with. I really like all the people here. I took a pic of them making dinner. Bobcat is the one with short hair and a beanie, she is so rad and one of my favorite people on trail. Orbit thru-hiked last year (she is also a veteran of the Appalacian Trail), and she was staying at the Anderson's helping them out, and came along on Dave's project to help out. Weather c
Carrot is the guy with a hat and longish red hair. He is so cool!! Definitely one of my favorite people on trail too. So the reason he is called weather carrot is because of his red hair and his obsession and knowledge on anything weather related. It's funny, at the Anderson's, he camped somewhere right behind me, and we had a spontaneous 30 minute conversation about weather. He's an incredibly fascinating individual. He's a veteran of this trail as well as many others, and the reason he was doing trail magic was because he is a longtime friend of Dave. Dave works for the PCTA (Pacific Crest Trail Association; they are the organization that is responsible for maintaining the trail and handling everything pct related, on the official end. They are an epic organization and they do a wonderful job :)

Anyhow, it was overall an amazing day today, I am so stoked!! Dave and Weather Carrot have a lot of experience on this trail so it was so rad listening to their stories. This is such an awesome little group of people to camp out with, I couldn't have asked for anything better. <3

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