Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 25: yuckiness, amazingness, and a night hike

Sunday 5/15/12
Miles 304-324 (20 miles)
Elevation 3500ft


Today was such an interesting day, coming out of deep creek area was so ugly, there was graffiti and litter everywhere. And it was hot and blah. Then where the trail intersected the road, there was a lady called Sheperd that did trail magic!! She had tables and a grill setup there and fed us lunch, sodas, root beer floats, and snacks!! That was sooooo amazing. It was exactly what I needed. Wow that was such a nice surprise. I have a picture of Sheperd grilling and Butterstuff supervising. I ended up staying there 4.5 hours, and met some cool people. I have a pic of them below too.

I ended up night hiking til around 1030 since I took such a long break. I really loved it, the warm breeze reminded me of home in Hawaii :). It's so nice to hike at night, it seems like my sense of smell is heightened. And it's so peaceful. The sunset was amazing! I have a pic of that. It was pretty. So stoked the nights are warm. Yay!!

I ended up camping underneath a really low bridge. Dang I wish I took a pic, it was funny. The trail goes on the bridge and I contemplated staying there and making troll noises as other hikers passed over in the morning. Lol.

Man it was SO WINDY at night!! I didn't light my stove because I don't think I could have, plus it would have blown away. But that's ok because I found out that instant mashed potatoes don't require heat! Yay! :) The wind was blowing so hard it blew my groundsheet away, I chased it down after it fell into the stream I was next to. Doh! That was funny. I almost lost my flip flops in the stream too. Haha. It was an entertaining night. The frogs were pretty loud. I like frogs, they eat bugs :). Listening to the frogs at night reminded me of living in Waimanalo on the farm, that was cool.

Anyhow, debating whether I want to do another 20 mile day or not tomorrow. Hmmm.

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