Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 26: the hot and dry push to McDonald's lol

Tuesday 5/14/12
Miles 324-342 (18 miles)
Elevation 3077ft
Total # snakes encountered: 13

Wow what a windy night! It got better in the morning but then it picked up again. But at least it was warm! :) Gosh I love my chrome done reflective umbrella. It's so awesome and I've been using it everyday that it wasnt too windy. It makes the hot unshaded sections so nice. Helps me consume less water too, so I dont need to carry as much.

I took an early break today to cook some food and get some water because the following section was supposedly really hot and dry with no water. There was a nice picnic area by silverwood lake, which is the lake pictured below. I ended up staying there for 2 hours. Lol, me and my long breaks I like to take...

On my way out I met some other hikers. Chimichanga, Breeze, and Steady, who are pictured below next to the stream. So the funny thing is, I think Breeze's mom reads this blog, so Shoutout to Breeze's mom! :) I saw them again at McDonald's later that day.

The rest of the hiking was rather uneventful. Except for the 2 snakes I saw. They were so cool looking. I got a pic of one. Oh, and coming up over the ridges toward the I-15 fwy it was SO WINDY!! Holy crap I was literally getting blown sideways! I had to hold my hiking poles so tight so they wouldn't blow away.

So all day today my feet felt pretty yucky. I was hoping to get to the McDonald's earlier so I could hitch to REI 30 mins down the freeway to figure out different footwear options, but I didn't arrive til around 630/7ish. Ugh I was tired. I did pretty big miles today and yesterday and it was tough!

It's funny, all day today hikers passed me because they were trying to get to mc'd. It's kind of a huge hiker hangout because the McDonald's is right by the trail. Personally I didn't really care for it but I want a mcflurry spoon to use as cookware. When i got there, tons of hikers were there it was pretty cool :). I got a pic of Nathan and Nick, I think it is.

I ended up sharing a room at the nearby Best Western with Quest, Cropdust, Nathan, Brendan, and another guy who's name I forgot. They were a cool crew. All those people except for quest were thinking about hitching a ride to Vegas. Nathan had these cool yellow running shorts that I drew "team breezy" on. Wheeee!!! Haha :D

We stayed up pretty late. There were tons of other hikers in the other rooms at the motel, that was rad. Bah, that's the downfall of having awesome roommates, you end up staying up late. Lol. I got to soak my feet in hot water which felt awesome!! I started the day in flip flops, went to Chacos which ended up feeling crappy, then went back to flip flops. Ugh my feet hurt! Stoked to go to REI tomorrow :)

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  1. Thanks for the pic of Breeze, Keala! I figured your paths would cross:) Best of luck with your hike