Monday, May 07, 2012

Day 17: trail angels and an amazing moon

Saturday 5/5/12
Miles 206-216 (10 miles)
Elevation 2831'

Another very interesting day. I walked under the I-10 freeway, that's the pic of the bridge. Under the bridge was some trail magic! :). That was so awesome. There were ice chests full of soda and water and fruit. I grabbed a coke and orange and had that for breakfast :)

I arrived at Trail Angels Ziggy and the Bear's house around 1030am. This is a pretty special place. They used to host hikers in Anza which is south of here, but they have since relocated to this house, specifically for its proximity to the trail. They are literally right off the trail. I took some pics of signs on the trail directing you to their house. It was awesome :)

When I arrived, a group of hikers were leaving, including Shameless. I guess the reason he got that name is because he hikes in just a shirt and underwear. Lol. He needs to be a part of Team Breezy! :). I met Crashzone (that's me and him with Butterstuff and Super Squirrel, his stuffed animal), and for a long time we were the only 2 hikers there (little feet and leisure suit Larry were there all day too, but in and out). This place was amazing. There yard is huge and that is the hiker hangout area. They had a computer for us to use, as well as resupply items. They offered a footbath for whoever wanted (I think I have a pic of a bunch of us getting footbaths), and even fed us dinner and a salad! Wow!! :). The coolest part was, my mom and dad drove out here to see me!! That was so cool, I haven't seen them in forever. We went to the buffet at Morongo casino, which was incredibly sub-par. Oh well it was awesome to see my family. :). The rest of the day I organized items from my resupply box (pic of Butterstuff digging through it) and bounce box. Towards the evening, LOTS of hikers showed up, including Bobcat, Rattlebee (Thomas the German guy), Speedbump, chili (I think I have a pic of him drinking a soda), pepper and last on the bus (pic of them 2, LB is the guy with red beard), tommy, castle, and a whole bunch of people I don't remember. It was cool to see old and new faces.

I left Ziggy's around 830 to do some full moon hiking. It was amazing!!! Tonight's full moon was extra special because it is the biggest and brightest of 2012. Crashzone came with me, Bobcat left an hour earlier. Gosh the moon was so incredible. We hiked through the windfarm to the light of the full moon. I was so stoked to do that portion at night, it was a lot of elevation gain! It will suck for everyone doing it tomorrow morning! We hiked til about midnight, because we were about to descend into a canyon that was shadowed from the moonligt, and my headlamp ran out of battery. It all worked out great though, because we camped on a slope looking right at the moon. It was such a great night I didn't even need my tent. So stoked :)

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  1. But did you howl at the moon? I saw it peaking over the biggest baddest giant craggy mountain which was till blanketed all white and snowbound. It was so bright there was moonshadow on the snow! Keep on howlin'!