Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 24: meandering along the creek, and my footwear dilemma

Saturday 5/12/12
Miles 287-304 (17 miles)
Elevation 3,990ft

Despite my lack of sleep from the night before, I woke up at 5am. Lol. I was really glad to be able to get an early start. The color of the sunrise was so awesome. I got a pic of it, the awesome bands of pinks/purples/and blues in the sky :)

All day today the trail went along deep creek so listening to the sound of the water was so nice. I got some pics of the canyon and creek. Around midday I took a long 3.5 hour break by the stream and met a lot of awesome hikers! I have a pic of everyone there. I also layed out for a while and kissed the sun :)

So I figured out a great way to be social while avoiding people at the same time! If I sit at one place long enough, everyone will go past me so I can say hi, then I get moving afterwards and the herd will be in front of me and I still get my solitude. Stoked! :)

Most people I met are trying to get to the hot springs. I'm gonna bypass it and hope I can get some solitude in the morning :)

So I'm having a footwear dilemma. The Chacos I've been using are the wrong size and fit funny, thus far it wasn't a big deal and I could deal with it, but today for whatever reason it just felt crappy. Bleh. So I'm back to hiking in my crappy flip flops because I bounced my hiking flip flops a hundred miles up. Dangit. >.<. So I'm gonna look at those 5 finger shoes and see how they work. Otherwise I'm gonna do the flip flop thing for as long as I can. Lol. It's too bad I have such an aversion to shoes, I have 4 pairs, I just refuse to wear them. Lol.

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