Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 4: I love trees! Happy Earth Day!

Sunday 4/22/12, mile 39-51 (12 miles)
5,300ft elevation

Holy 40 degree temperature fluctuation batman!! Daaaaaang it was cold this morning!! I am so grateful it is not snowing like it was last week. Holy crap! The great thing about frigid mornings is I can't feel the blisters in my feet. It's a great time to haul ass and gain some miles! Haha! :)

There are a lot more trees now, as opposed to just bushes like the last few days. I went to Mount Laguna which is a tiny little town with a post office, small store, and an awesome outdoor outfitter place. The guy that runs the store, Dave, is so cool! I hung out here for a long time because it was super hot. I ran into the rest of the Casual Club, and met a lot of new hikers too! Cool!! As we all sat in front of the store, tons and tons of motorcycles went by. What an epic day to ride.

This mount laguna area is so awesome. There must be tons of great mountain bike trails because I saw lots of trucks with bikes in back. Also, tons of jeep trails. :)

It's really neat being at a higher elevation. The views are pretty incredible! Makes up for the fact that my feet feel like crap. Living in Hawaii, I don't wear shoes. Ever. This whole shoe thing is super gnarly on my feet. Uuugh. I'm gonna get some chacos to hike in as soon as I can find some. I did around 3 miles yesterday and 3 miles today in my crappy flip flops which I use as camp shoes. It felt sooo much better. Blah, I hate shoes. Lol.

Pics: the group of people are hikers resting in front of the convenience store. I don't remember the first guy's name, behind him is Laura and Aaron (the triple crowners), behind them in the chair is Dazzle, and behind him on the floor I think it Threshold. The umbrella is my Chrome Dome, its an umbrella with a reflective coating on top; great for the scorching sun. The rest are random views from today.

So, I'm camped somewhere I'm not supposed to be. But I only did that because I somehow missed my intended campsite by 2 miles, and it was getting late so I just found a spot to pitch my tent and I'm hoping to get up real early and head out tomorrow before anyone notices I'm here. Goodnight! :)

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  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures!! Thanks :D
    I figured you wouldn't have trouble with your feet because you are bare foot so much?? Take good care of your feet. Let me know and I can ship some chacos to you. I should be able to find them here. :D
    Hi to Butterstuff!!