Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 6: Julian!!!

Mile 68-77 (9 miles)

As in, Julian, the tiny mountain town in San Diego, not the king of Madagascar. :)

Did 10 miles in the morning, then got a hitch into Julian. Yay!! Time to rest and situate my feet! Free food and pie at Mom's restaurant! So yummy :) I went here with Sunshine (Hanna the kiwi), Calf (German dude), Jason, and the guy who likes beer (can't remember his name). Dang the pie is good! Julian is quite famous for their apple pies.

I found someone to split the cost of the room with, stoked! We're staying at the Julian Hotel, it's so awesome, $75 for 2 ppl is the pct hiker rate which includes breakfast, laundry, and tea time at 5. Fun! Walking Stick and Ancient Mariner are here too. They are a father/son team who did the AT 5 years ago. Super cool pair. There's Rob who I'm splitting the room with, Speedbump, Thomas from Germany, and Heart. The picture with the 2 dudes is Rob (l) and Walking Stick (r).

So there are 2 wine tasting rooms in Julian!! SCORE! Blue Door Winery and Witch Creek winery. Both places have exceptionally good wines. That, or it's just cuz I've been on the trail for 5 days. Lol. The dog in the pic is Sailor, he was at blue door winery. Cute puppy!! Likes saltine crackers.

There is talk of rain tomorrow. I'm trying to decide if I wanna zero here tomorrow and hopefully miss the storm. It's expensive tho and I don't wanna spend the money. Bleh. :( but my feet could use the extra rest. I guess I'll see how I feel in the morning.

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