Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 7: rain or no rain, that is the question...

Wednesday 4/25/12
Miles 77-91 (14 miles)

The breakfast at the hotel was so yummy!!! I spent the morning organizing stuff, lightening my pack, etc. I left my shoes in the hiker box. I am now fully committed to hiking in flip flops til at least Idllywild. :D

My feet feel pretty good! Kinda worried about the rain tho... But this morning Thomas pointed out that hey, it's gonna rain at some point... Leave it to a German to tell me to not be a pansy. Lol. Go figure. :)

I got a late start, didn't get back on the trail til 2. But it became a blessing in disguise, because I ran into Dazzle. Stoked!! I was hoping i'd run into him, not sure if ill see him again after today. Of all the hikers ive met so far, Dazzle is my fav. And that's saying a lot considering everyone is so cool. Stoked to have such a positive influence and mentor early on in this game. :)

I think the Casual Club has officially disbanded :( Anna and Chris have moved on, Dazzle is staying in Julian and going to KO, Laura and Aaron are staying in Julian and not going to KO.

Anyhow, the next water source wasn't until 13+ miles away so I hiked past dark. Saw 2 snakes today. Managed to get a pic of one.

So the awesome thing is it didn't really rain the whole time I hiked. The not-so-awesome thing is that it's raining right now and I was cowboy camping. Dangit!!! I shoulda just set up my tent when I first got here. The reason I didn't was because I didn want to block in whoever is in the tent behind me. So when it started raining I threw my fly over me, and I'm pretty much a silnylon taquito right now. Bag is getting wet from condensation tho. Its a down bag, too, not synthetic...Arg! Hope it can last til at least morning. Sigh... Why oh why didn't I just put my tent up?? Lesson learned...

Oh man I really hope this rain stops or tomorrow is gonna totally suck. :(

Anyhow, this is all a part of the whole "figuring it out" process. Lol. Incredible sunset today. The store owners in Julian are so cool!

Please oh please let it stop raining... Ugh. I am such an idiot. Lol. Anyhow, goodnight!! Tomorrow i go to Warner Springs! :)


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    I'm reading this every day! You are amazing....keep kicking ass.

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  2. Yay!! Warner Springs and your first box!! :D