Friday, April 20, 2012

End of day 2: a random encounter, and a blessing from the universe

So I didn't really hike too much further than when I last posted. But that's ok, because I've decided to listen to my body first, and worry about the miles after. I'm tired and my feet hurt. Lol.

I met Dazzle today. He's an awesome dude from Kauai (yay!! Someone else from Hawaii doing the PCT!!) who has thru-hiked the Appalachian trail way back when, before ultralight gear was invented. He also used to work for the Appalachian Mountain club, up at the cabins along the trail. Anyhow, I bring him up, because I think this encounter was a message from the universe to not push myself as get hurt. :)

I was sitting at this one spot along the trail doctoring my blisters, and he pops up and asks, hey are u the girl from Hawaii? I guess he saw my blog somewhere. Anyhow, he said he is going real slow, around 10 miles a day, to start off with. And he tells me there are so many people who try to bust big miles right off the bat (due to ego/peer pressure/whatever) before they are physically ready, and they end up hurting themselves. And I thought, yeah, he's right. I'm not trying to prove anything here. And since I'm going all the way to Canada, I better not mess myself up. Lol. So hence i decised to camp here, instead of going for another 6 miles. Thanks, Dazzle, for helping me make the correct decision.

Speaking of blessings from the universe, I started this hike at the perfect time. Just a week ago, it was snowing and hailing where I'm at now. Currently it is warm and awesome and there's plenty of water flowing from all that snow/precipitation. And as I go a bit more north, all the snow there now will have melted. Yay!! I am so incredibly grateful to the world and all the amazing people who are a part of my life. Thanks everyone for being so awesome. :) <3


  1. You look GREAT! Good to hear you are enjoying the sites. :)
    Today (21st) we fly home. I'll get another box ready.
    Enjoy every inch!

  2. 2 days into this and I am HOOKED on reading your posts, sitting on the edge of my seat! I'll be checking in and reading everyday. Wise move to ease into it, in my non medical opinion the joints need time to adjust to the added weight they are carrying.