Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 150: blazing to Timberline Lodge, mini reunion

Saturday 9/16/12
Miles 2107-2111 (4 miles)
Elevation 4,800'

We camped just outside of Ollalie Lake, next to another lake. It was really pretty. Walking back to the store this morning, we ran into Scallywag! Cool! It was awesome to see him again. I like Scallywag he has really good energy. Sam gave us as well as some section hikers a ride to Timberline Lodge. Thanks Sam!! You're awesome!!

Timberline lodge is a really cool place. It is a historical building on Mt.Hood that still is in business today. There are lots of outside shots of the lodge in the movie The Shining. There are some plaques after you walk in the lodge entrance explaining the history d the place. I didn't get a chance to read it. Bummer. Anyhow, there is a buffet here that we've been hearing about, so that's what we were all excited for. Kyle and I didnt get a chance to gorge in Bend so now we're making up for it. The food was yummy. The deserts were absolutely outstanding. Oh my gosh I ate so much. Lol! I was quite impressed at how much I ate. Kyle too. It was like a mini hiker reunion at timberline lodge. At the buffet we saw Spins, Babboon and Jeff. There was also the "Rolling Stoners" crew of Pocahontas, Chef, Funk, Trooper, Cowboy, and Shep Dog. And Pitfall was there.

It was a super busy and crowded day at the lodge. There was a car club there, 3 weddings, as well as all your daily tourists. I can't even imagine how much money it would cost to have a wedding there. I worked as a banquet server at many places and frequently did a lot of weddings. I've also performed at a lot of weddings when I was dancing with a Tahitian halau. I'd oftentimes see the bills for the various weddings I've worked at. Holy freaking crap. The timberline wedding had to be at least $10,000. It looked fancy schmancy. So maybe $15-$20,000? That's just so freakin nuts. $10,000 would fund 2 people's thru-hikes. Especially if they already had gear. I never understood why people would want to spend so much money for 4 hours in a room full of people, (oftentimes half of whom don't necessarily want to be there). Lol. Seriously. In my days as a banquet server, walking around the room you hear all kinds of conversations. People watching at a wedding is incredibly entertaining. :D I saw the bride walking around the lodge. She looked pretty stoked. Congrats, and more power to her. She coulda just taken the $10,000 and thru-hiked the PCT with her husband-to-be. :) That sounds way more fun than 4 hours in a room with a bunch of people. Lol! But meh, to each their own. :)

Speaking of people watching. After the buffet, Kyle and I could hardly walk. Lol. We were so full. So we sat on these comfy chairs outside the restaurant in the main foyer of the lodge and people watched for 3 hours. There are LOTS of tourists there today. As well as wedding guests. And thru-hikers. It was an epic afternoon :)

We finally left the lodge a little after 6pm with Jeff. By the way, Mt.Hood is normally a year-round ski mountain. This year there was not enough snow to ski at this time of year. The trail wraps around to the other side of Mt.Hood. Lots of water from snow melt yay! We ended up camping by a river with Jeff. I finally got to finish my tyvek food bag! I was working on it since south of Bend but I ran out of dental floss (which I've been using as thread) and finally got more today. Yay! I've been using regular plastic grocery bags as food bags since the beginning of the trail and I'd rather replace it with a longer-lasting bag. Like tyvek. :)

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  1. Thanks for your cool blog Keala. I just hiked the Timberline Trail over 3 days that loops 41 miles around Mt Hood and overlaps the PCT for part of it. Timberline operates summer skiing only up on the Palmer Glacier up high. They always close after Labor Day as all the summer ski camps are over so their customers kinda disappear back to school. Then the reopen the lower mountain after the winter snows come. So they could operate year round but always have maintenance time after Labor Day.

    Keep on Truckin!

    Portland PCT Section Hiker Mike AKA GoalTech