Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pics: Timberline Lodge --> Cascade Locks

behind Timberline Lodge, Mt.Hood iin the backgorund

Mt. Hood is normally a year-round ski area, but this year the snowfall was not enough and what was there melted really fast

the backside of Timberline Lodge, which is along the PCT

the backside of Mt.Hood

lovely oregon views

more Mt.Hood

this is where we camped

Ramona Falls

the bridge next to Ramona Falls

that is Pitfall, he is really cool
Kyle enjoying an amazing sunset, we've had one pretty much every single day since we've started hiking :)
sorry this pic is sideways!  this is the begnning of a huge waterfall, i was pretty much sitting at the edge of it.  its about a 300' drop behind me
sorry this pic is sideways!  tilt your monitor :D  Tunnel Falls, you can see where the trail goes towards the falls and then behind it.  it was rad!  they blasted this trail right out of the cliff.  it must have been incredibly labor intensive
sorry this pic is sideways!  if you're on a laptop, tilt the screen sideways :)  this is tunnel falls, the trail goes behind it.  cool!
this is coming out from behind Tunnel Falls
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we were doing laundry at Shrek's Swamp which is a trail angel who lives in Cascade Locks.  Kyle refused to walk around naked so I suggested this loaner robe that Shrek had. :D
one of the many waterfalls I passed on this part of the trail



  1. Great pictures!!! Welcome to Washington :D
    We will try to keep the sun and warm weather out for you!!

  2. Hey Dancing Feet - can you ask Kyle if he is planning to return to DSI when his journey ends? We really miss him. If yes, tell him to walk faster - WE NEED HIM!!
    Ellen Van Camp