Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pics: Bend --> Ollalie Lake

this was a HUGE burn area by Santian Pass, it burned in 2006 and we spent all day and the day after next walking through it

Three-Fingered Jack

the back side of Three-Fingered Jack

Kyle, leaving me a note on the trail

Kyle having a relaxing morning (yes, he packed a tall can of Coors with him, lol)

i think that is Mt.Jefferson, I don't remember

this is actually a river.  it is frozen on top and you can hear the river running underneath.  it was cool, the first time i've ever seen anything like this.  to the right of the pic you can see the river coming down the mountain and only this part and down to the left it is frozen.  the trail goes across this frozen river.

Mt.Jefferson, I think.

i honestly don't even remember taking this pic.  lol.  it looks pretty unreal, the clouds were amazing. 

the structure holding up this sign has seen better days.

snow...what the hell.

more beautiful Oregon views

another burn area... :(

walking on a graded ridge is fun

yay Oregon trees!!

this was the view of Mt.Jefferson and Olallie Lake from the front porch of the Ollalie Lake Resort store.  and by Resort, I mean little cabins and yurts with no electricity or plumbing.  it was a cute little rustic vacation spot that the trail goes right by.


  1. Keala...a copy of the NS News. I know that mag! You should send that picture to them. Although I don't know if it's still in publication, though I suppose it is. You know Ron Valenciana, the editor passed recently. He was a great man and had a great magazine! Enjoy the trees! You are going to hit really cold and wet soon, if you haven't already, sigh, it's that time of year :( Love your blog, thanks! kimi

  2. Ron passed away?!? Oh no!! He did a LOT for the NS community. :( -Keala