Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 157: wow there's sun! :D

Saturday 9/22/12
Miles 2175-2197 (22 miles)
Elevation 2,800'

Oh joyous day! There was sunlight today!!! :) That was so awesome and amazing. It was still cold but the sunlight was so lovely :)

Dang there's been a lot of spiderwebs across the trail lately. Poor Kyle gets all of that in the face, because he walks ahead of me and he's a lot taller. It was so bad today that he actually had a stick with him to knock out the spiderwebs. Lol! It's pretty gnarly when you get the spiderwebs all over you. It's even more gnarly when the spider is still on the web. A while ago a good sized one ended up on Kyle's shoulder. He doesn't like spiders. That was not a very fun moment. O.o

One of the awesome things about it being so damp and dreary here is that the ground is a lot softer, since it is always moist. It's a lot more comfortable to walk on. Almost like carpet. Lol. I will not be stoked when it rains a lot though, because then it'll just be squish squish squish for miles and miles. O.o

The main herd of hikers is starting to get to Canada. I think this year will be a record number of finishers. I hope all the hikers who finished will do a Sun Dance for all of us still in Southern Washington. Or perhaps sacrifice a JMTer to the Sun God. Lol :D

I found a bag of plums on the trail today!!! Oh joy!! It was sitting on a picnic table all by itself, near a road intersection. Thank you anonymous person who left a bag of plums! They were delicious!! Fresh fruit is not something you get often on the trail so this was like finding gold. Lol! Kyle was 3 miles up the trail so I walked with a paper bag of plums in my hand for 3 miles, trying not to eat them all before I got to him. They were funny looking football shaped plums. Oh well they were still delicious. :D

We camped on a tiny little spot on a switchback on a hill. Since northern california we've been camping in campsites that other people have made. In high-use areas or sensitive areas, it is better environmental stewardship to use pre-existing campsites than to make your own. And there's been enough flat areas around that we'd always come across something when it started to get late. Except tonight. There was a small flat-ish area on a switchback that Kyle graded. We managed to fit the tent in that corner and over the trail. By the way, this is one reason you don't want a big tent. In fact you should go with the smallest tent you're relatively comfortable in. Especially in the Southern California area, flat spots are hard to come by, and a lot of them are small. This Stephenson tent would definitely not fit in most places I camped at in SoCal. Then again I didn't use a tent through most of SoCal. Anyhow, hopefully no one is night hiking the PCT tonight because we're pretty much blocking the trail with the tent. :(

Kyle and I have a lot of random conversations throughout the day, especially in the evening. Tonight we were talking about the lunch boxes we had when we were little. Remember those plastic lunch boxes that had the thermos inside (do they still make those anymore)? I had a Strawberry Shortcake one and Kyle had a blue Aladdin one. We loved our lunch boxes. I guess when you're little and in school, that's your only sense of expression. That, and your backpack. Lol.

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