Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 159: mowing to Trout Lake, and another fire

Monday 9/24/12
Miles 2217-2238 (21 miles)
Elevation 3,922'

Well, the PCT is closed due to a fire. Again. Dang this one has been going since September 8th. It's around Mt.Adams. We've been smelling smoke on and off all day. I thought it was been cloudy the last few days. It's actually been smoke, not just clouds.

Kyle has not been feeling good all day. That's a bummer :(. I suppose since I was dying through half of Oregon, now it's his turn to feel like crap. That sucks, he's been feeling Bleh for the last 2 days. Despite that we still did 21 miles by 5pm.

The road we came to was a very lightly traveled paved forest road. The PCT is closed north of here, due to fire. Luckily, a couple who was driving back from Seattle picked us up. Whew!! There were hardly any cars coming down the road and so getting a ride was difficult. Trout Lake is 13 miles from where the PCT crosses the road.

We went to the Trout Lake Abbey. It is a Buddhist monastery in the area, and it's amazing!!! They are also an organic farm, they grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables, and have a chicken coop. They also have a small stream running through the whole property, it is an awesome irrigation system. They let us stay inside since Kyle wasn't feeling good. They rent out their facilities to various groups for retreats and stuff, so there was a hostel-type lodging area in one of the buildings upstairs. They also operate a non-commercial B&B. This whole place is awesome!! The toilet they have is amazing. It has a bidet in it and the seat cover is heated. That is the first time I've ever sat on a heated toilet seat! Lol. Plus there is a cool German Shepherd puppy named Gretel who understands German and Danish.

So, the bummer thing is the PCT is closed north of here and the detour is a 30 mile road walk. That really really sucks. Road walking in my shoes with a pack absolutely sucks. Problem is, I don't know if we can get a hitch around the detour because these are all dirt forest roads that are sparsely traveled. Bleh. I'll figure that out tomorrow. Time to pass out. This place is amazing. <3

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