Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 153-155: double zero in Cascade Locks, and WA!!

Tuesday 9/18/12
Miles 0

Wednesday 9/19/12
Miles 0

Thursday 9/20/12
Miles almost 0

Well, we unintentionally did a double zero in town. Almost a triple zero actually. Lol! I was quite busy though. I don't know what it is, everytime we do town stops I seem to be busier than when I'm actually hiking the trail. Seriously. We did laundry, and Shrek had a lot of plaid loaner clothes. Plaid is the theme for loaner clothes here. I guess it's a Portland thing or something. Anyhow, he also has all these robes, one of them was pink and fuzzy. When I took Kyle's clothes I said he should either walk around naked or wear the robe. So he chose the robe. Lol! It was quite awesome. I took pics. Too bad he didn't have pink fuzzy house slippers. Haha :D Scallywag later wore that robe, I said he should walk around town in it. He said he would if he had pink bunny ears. Lol!

I crafted quite a few items at Shrek's house. I made another tyvek food sack because Kyle needed one. I also made a compression sack for the tent. And I fixed my rain cover for my pack. And Squizzle now has a Mohawk and hiking kilt. Haha! He looks pretty cool. :)

On our second night there, me and Kyle got interviewed by a couple who reads my blog. He is a film maker from the Portland area and they are trying to make a documentary relating to the PCT and were shooting a pilot to try to get funding for the movie. That was really cool! I was so stoked to meet them, they were awesome! And the coolest thing was, they took us to a McMenimans restaurant after. It's an Oregon chain where they take old buildings and transform them into epicness! There was one in Bend, it was a former schoolhouse and it is now a restaurant/pub/movie theater and I think it had a hot tub too. The one we went to was the Edgefield one which was outside of Portland, in Troutdale. It was AMAZING!! Oh my gosh! The property it is on is an old insane asylum. It is now a hotel. The building itself looks a lot like the Xmen mansion in the movie. There's a restaurant, and about 6 or 7 mini bars and pubs all over (one is a grateful dead themed bar). They brew their own beer there and have their own winery and tasting room. They also have a movie theater on site and they show outdoor movies as well. Oh my gosh, the Ruby beer there is possibly the yummiest beer I've ever had. Dang it was good!! They have a lot of other beers as well. I had a burger, and their tater tots were yummy as well. Oh man it was so good and the whole place was so epic!! <3

On Thursday, my resupply person visits us with a box of Voodoo Donuts from Portland and a growler of Jasmine Mead from Rogue Brewery! YUM!! Thanks CJ!!! :D That was so epic and amazeballs! I love the cereal topped donuts, and the maple bar with bacon.

Kyle and I finally left at 10:30 that night. We walked across the Bridge of the Gods which goes over the river. The stateline is halfway across the bridge. We are now in Washington! The bridge is really cool, it's a grated bottom so you can see through it. Walking across that in the 5 finger shoes was kinda scary, my toes would get stuck in all the holes and it's really easy to trip. Lol! But it was really cool walking across that at night.

We camped shortly uptrail at around midnight. Zzzz!

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  1. Welcome to Washngton my new home. Check with hikers coming down the trail and ask about our recent fires. Some are still burning. It's all on the east side of the moutains. Good luck cuz. TJ Aloha