Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 158: cold weather makes me walk faster

Sunday 9/23/12
Miles 2197-2217
Elevation 4,965'

Ugh, so the skirt that I made for this trip that I've been wearing since the Mexican border has fallen apart. As in, the fabric is so worn out it was disintegrating. So I had to retire it. Poopies!!! :( When I was 12 my mom bought a sewing machine. At that time, I thought popular fashion was incredibly ugly so I read the booklet that comes with the sewing machine and taught myself how to make clothes. 28 years later, I still think popular fashion is incredibly ugly, so I make my clothes. Lol! :). Btw, I still have and still use that sewing machine from when I was 12. It's a Singer sewing machine. I like it, this was back when the casing for the machine was still metal and not that super crappy plastic crap they make nowadays. To replace my skirt, the only extra fabric I have with me are mine and Kyle's lime green bandanas we got from Shrek's place so I safety pinned them together and rolled it down, Tahitian style. Yay, new skirt!

You know, one benefit of it being cold is that I walk a lot faster. I usually average around 2-2.5 mph. Through Oregon it was about 2.7-3.1 mph because the terrain was so mellow. The last few days it's been really cold and I've been going around 3.2-3.5 mph. Dang! I guess there's a bright side to everything, even cold weather. Lol!

Speaking of cold weather. I've been peeing a LOT lately. Kyle has too. Cold weather tends to make me do that. However, I haven't been drinking much water, since I haven't been very thirsty. So, where is all this extra liquid coming from?? Weird...

All along the trail I randomly swallow bugs. Not intentionally, but just accidentally, like they'd be flying around my face and I would inhale them. Today something flew into my mouth and I almost choked on it. Oh well, extra protein!

Kyle and I were brainstorming various board games we could play while walking on the trail. A while ago in some town we saw these Star Wars walkie talkies. One was Darth Vader shaped and the other was Storm Trooper shaped. We figured we could have walkie talkies and play Battleship while hiking. That would be so awesome!!! :D

I've been eating a lot of chia seeds since northern California. Chia seeds are amazing. You can put it in just about any kind of food, or mix it with any kind of liquid, and drink it. The cool thing is, when you mix it with liquid and let it sit for a while, it turns kind of gelatinous, so it gives the drink some substance, and makes it more filling. At Shrek's place in Cascade Locks I picked up some random chocolate powder from the hiker box. I'm not sure what it is, its not chocolate milk. We think it might be chocolate protein powder. Anyhow, I've been mixing that with chia seeds and making a breakfast shake, and it's pretty amazing!! Wheee super duper energy!! :D

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