Friday, June 01, 2012

Day 43: gathering my chi in Mojave :)

Thursday 5/31/12
Miles 0
Elevation same as yesterday

Well, halfway through the day I decided to stay again in Mojave. Mainly to give my feet another day of rest. Plus, I'm not really in too much of a hurry since I can't get to the Onyx post office til Monday anyways. I only took one pic today, that's a group of hikers that were hanging around the pool. I'm at the motel 6 in Mojave, there are at least 20 hikers here right now. I'm rooming with Houdini and Not So Bad. Both are really cool people, Not So Bad went to UCI too! Zot Zot! Lol.

Since I've been doing some big miles lately, it's taking a toll on my body. It's interesting how I'm at a point now where I can physically handle doing 20+ miles but my feet aren't necessarily ready yet. Lol. So basically my body is saying, go go go!! And my feet are saying no no no! Haha. It's all good though, I think this next week my feet will start to catch up to my body.

I'm just really trying to not get hurt. At this point of the hike, there are so many people around me who are injured (both major and minor), I don't want to end up all busted, as well as people who are getting dehydrated. Im in the high desert right now, its 100+ degrees during the day. There's also a lot of people I know who have had to get off trail, either permanently or temporarily, due to injuries. That's not cool :(

Since I've been in town so long I am now in a completely different herd of people, that were previously behind me. Lol. It's interesting how people come in waves. Since I've been here, there have been two different waves of people that have passed by. It's quite cool, actually, I get to meet a lot more hikers.

Of course, this also means that there's going to be a lot more people on the trail, so I'm going to have to work harder for solitude. Lol. But I've always managed to find a little bubble where I hike in between clumps of people, so I'll be ok.

Anyhow, I gotta adjust my body to night hiking because I'm planning on going almost completely nocturnal til I get to Onyx which is 85ish miles away. It's 100+ degrees during the day and high 70s at night, with 20+mph winds. That's pretty much what it's been like through this whole high desert section. You either choose to deal with th heat during the day or the wind in the evening/night. :)

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  1. Wow - that's some extreme weather. Stay safe - I'll be rooting for ya! =)