Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 54: finally leaving Kennedy Meadows! Lol

Monday 6/11/12
Mile 702-707 (5 miles)
Elevation 6174 ft

Well, I'm sitting in a hammock at Tom's place. I mailed out my package this morning, packed all my crap, and did some minor interneting at Toms place. I weighed my weighs 40lbs! UUGH.... >.< I'm currently sitting on a hammock, it's so hard to motivate myself to move knowing my pack is so heavy. Lol. Plus Kyle is playing the guitar right now and he's really good. I took a pic of him playing. I don't think either of us are motivated to leave. Lol

Tom's place is so cool. It consists of about 8 trailers or so, the big silver one in the pic is the "Internet cafe" which has 4 laptop stations, and everything is solar powdered. Also pictured is the "movie theater", jawbone (Ryan) and cowboy (Nathan) playing chess, and the bathroom. Yes that is a 3 ton limit sign right over the toilet. And yes that is a shotgun next to the toilet. Haha, thy kinda summarizes what this place is like. It's so awesome. Ugh, we need to get outta here damnit! It's so hard to leave! Now Kyle is jamming with Tunes, who is going to school for guitar. Sigh... oooh the epicness!! :) I absolutely love classical guitar btw so these two guys are absolutely rocking my world right now. <3

I'm proud to say, we finally left!! Around 6pm. Lol! Sierras here we come! :D I took a pic of the trail before it got dark, looks way different than what I've been hiking in the last few days ya? We only did 5 miles since we didn't want to walk in the dark.

Dang, this is the first time I've hiked in shoes since 650 miles ago, and lemme tell you, shoes SUCK. I absolutely HATE them. The ONLY time my feet have ever been in pain is when I wore shoes. And these are actually really really comfortable shoes. But they still totally suck. I'd be hiking in flip flops still except they slow me down. I'm gonna see how these shoes feel the next 100 miles, if the ground isn't too gnarly im going back to my 5 fingers.

I'm currently sitting in front of a campfire. I love fire. This is so epic. I might just have to make a campfire every night. It's warm :).

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