Monday, June 11, 2012

Sierras or Bust! going off grid for a while

hey all!  sorry i haven't updated, all my entries are on my phone and i don't have wifi or cell reception, hence i cannot upload.  i have super limited internet right now, so this is the best i can do. :)

i'm currently in Kennedy Meadows (mile 702), leaving today for the high sierras.  i will be completely off grid for at least a week.  in that time i will also be summiting mt.whitney, the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states, at 14,000'+!! :D  i know i'm backed up about 5 days on my blog, so next time i get some wifi access or cell phone reception, i'll be posting about 10 days worth of blogs. lol.

by the way, thank you for all the comments on my blogs, i do get them all and they are great and i love and appreciate them.  sorry i don't reply, its kind of a pain in the butt to do so on my phone.  but know that i do read them and i love hearing your guy's thoughts!  thank you <3

Kennedy Meadows is a HUGE landmark for us PCT hikers.  it is the gateway to the sierras.  here is where *everything* changes, togographically, as well as our gear.  so the ironic thing is, i *just* figured out how to keep my pack weight to a minimum, and i had everything perfect.  and now i have different gear and a frickin bear canister i gotta carry which means i have to re-figure out how to pack everything.  its like starting all over again at Campo, CA.  BAH!  lol.  

life is AMAZING, the trail is unbelievable, this is the most incredible thing i've ever done it my entire life, and in a way, i'm only just beginning. lol.  from this point on, it all changes, we are going into the high sierras.  there will be SNOW!!  and COLD!! AAAAAAHHH!!!  not sure how this island girl is gonna handle  but ultimately i am stoked beyond belief.  ugh, i wish i had some booze.  lol.  it helps with the cold mornings. :P

heres a few photos for now:
Kyle and Keala, aka Team K squared!  Are the sierras ready for our collective epicness? We will soon find out :D  ps.  i want to point out that neither of us have overnight hiked before we started this trail.  and we have just completed 702 miles.  not bad for a couple of University of California Irvine alumni yahoos that don't know what they're doing!  lol!!

My pack on the left, bear canister is wrapped inside my sleeping pad.  My bear canister looks like a mini keg. lol.  My pack weighs 40lbs!!  UUUUGH.  Apparently 40-45 lbs is average.  Kyle's pack weights 34 lbs.  I think I have way too much crap... 

Tom, of Tom's Internet Cafe/hiker hangout at Kennedy Meadows.  this guy gave me a bottle of wine last night.  THANKS TOM!!  you are awesome and amazing!  thanks for everything you do for all of us hikers! <3


  1. Good luck - I'll be rooting for you in NYC! :)

  2. 700 miles!!!! Way to go!!!!! :D Enjoy the Sierra's it will be beautiful. Take care <3

  3. Nice keala. I'm completely jealous. A big step beyond the day hikes in Hawaii. Have you thought of using the kevlar bags that have a alumni liner, think they are called URsacks. They are prob. way lighter than the canisters. Hope all is well. I'll be sending you a care package soon.

    1. The Ursacks aren't approved in the Mt Whitney section of the Sierras :( I really wish they were. I carry mine everywhere and will be renting a canister for my trip this year.

  4. WOW, can I saw WOW, AMAZING, COOL, INCREDIBLE 10x over!!! I can't believe you had never backpacked previously. Talk about going ALL out on your first trip. Most do one night to check out gear, weight, etc., but no Keala goes all the way and tackles 5-6 months of nights and 2,650 miles. WOW!!!!!!

    I so hope I get to meet you and maybe even hike a few miles with you when you hit far Northern California - between Old Station and the Oregon border. As you get closer I'll send you my cell # & email address. Keep me in mind if you need anything.

    Congrats again on your most excellent journey. I'll be doing Section K starting 6/20. Last Friday I hiked a bit of Section P (my home stomping grounds), including the side trip to the summit of Mt Eddy at 9,025' (well worth it for you if it is a clear day as you'll have amazing 360 degree views including Mt Shasta, and it's a less than one mile ascent). I'll send you a facebook friend request and you can see my pictures from Friday.

    Enjoy your journey!!!!