Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 73: Reds Meadow --> Mammoth, epic trail crew! :)

Saturday 6/30/12
Miles 893.5-907 (13.5 miles)
Elevation 8,119'

Dangit, I had this blog all typed up, and then for some reason it got deleted. Arg!! So here's the abridged version:

1)pics of Kyle on "lion king" rock. That was next to where we camped, it looked way more epic and lion king ish in real life than it does in the pic. Also, we felt *way* better this morning than yeaterday. Lol.

2) pics of trail crew: AMAZING people!! thank you *so much* to all the men/women who maintain the PCT, it is the most well maintained trail I've ever been on. Especially this JMT portion; it's like hiking in luxury. The section we're in right now had really bad blowdowns from the 130mph that wrecked the area last November. I have pics of the blowdown areas and also of parts where the trees have been cleared off the trail. Trail crews have done an amazing job clearing the trail and allowing hikers to get through without going through an obstacle course. :) one of the guys of the trail crew is Owl, Weather Carrot's friend whom I met when he was doing trail work several hundred miles ago in the desert.

3) reds meadows: when I finally got there, Kyle was already 3 beers and one ice cream drumstick deep. He hikes fast.

4) took the shuttle to mammoth, there are mtn bikes EVERYWHERE. Omg this is so epic I NEED to ride!! Rentals are so expensive though. Arg. :( we went to Whiskey Creek pub and had some hef beer by the local brewery, it was YUM. :)

6) I hit 900 miles around noon today WHOOOO!!! :D

7)We stealth camped in a patch of trees somewhere by the Village, like the awesome little hiker trash yahoos we are. Lol. We are surrounded by houses, bike trails, and multi-million dollar resorts. I looked at a map later on and discovered we were at the base of the bike park where all the trails go into town. Hence the reason there were so many trails around where we camped. Stoked my tent is earth-tone and not some loudass color like bright orange. Yay for ninja camping! Lol.

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  1. YAY!!! for 900, NINE HUNDRED MILES!!!!! :D