Thursday, June 07, 2012

Day 49: my chain of solitude is severed :)

Wednesday 6/6/12
Miles 0
Elevation same as yesterday

Well guys, looks like my days of wandering solo has come to an end :) I officially have a hiking buddy for the sierras! Which is cool because as much as I like hiking alone, I didn't want to go through the sierras solo. My hiking partner is Not So Bad, incase you haven't figured it out. Lol. It's pretty cool because we get along ridiculously well so this should be an awesome few hundred miles :)

We ate at this cool breakfast place nearby, they had some interesting wall decor. I took some pics. Lol. I had a veggie omelette with bacon. It wasn't nearly as epic as the past few I've had, but the home fries were incredible! The place was really cool and quirky :). There was a cool jeep and a Chevy parked out front. I got a pic of both of those.

We figured out our Sierra resupply, ordered some gear from REI and finished some random other chores. Preparing for what is supposedly the most difficult yet amazing stretch of the PCT. I can't wait! :)

For lunch I made a Dorito/ramen casserole. Gourmet trail meals. Lol. U crush a package of ramen and crush a package of Doritos and mix it together, add hot water, and let it sit. I took a pic of that. Lol. I also have a pic f us hanging our sleeping bags over the TV in the room. I thought I was rather symbolic :D. But in all seriousness, it's nice to keep down bags fluffed so to maintain loft.

We stopped by Shady's Bar and Grill (yes that's really it's name), to say bye to Rocky. There's a pic of rocky and I. She's so cool. Nap time!! Tomorrow it's Kennedy Meadows or bust!! :)


  1. I love following your hike all the way from Syracuse, NY. Stay safe and keep those pics coming!-Lisa

  2. He's Not So Bad. :) Glad to hear you've got some good n' tall company for the High Sierras! Speaking of tall, Them Mountains are going to Rock Your World. Let the adventure begin!

  3. Hey Keala, Have been enjoying your adventures through your blog. THANKS!! Keep an eye out for Rika and Oli in front of you. They are in Kennedy Meadows now. Maybe you will meet them on the trail. Rika's trail name is now Double Sprainbow. Yep, sprained both her ankles early in their hike! Hope you continue to have a great time on the trail.